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Magaul Bird Park in Subic "Theme Park Capital" of the Philippines

Its a Bird...No! Its a Plane!...No its..its..its....Yeah! Its a bird!
Oh there's another one! And look there's more!

Yes I know this sounds very familiar but hey this is what I felt when I visited this awesome park. Magaul Bird Park which is in JEST Camp really spark the kid in me. Just to give you an idea, a long time ago when I was a kid, I dreamed of being one of the people doing documentaries in National Geographic where they go to places, study and share the experience to the viewers of the show like me. I envy them because of the adventures that they have and they're paid to do it. Like doing something you like and its your job to do what you like! This is some sort of the reality of one of my childhood dream, being able to see the winged wonders up close, knowing more about the species that where in the park and a bonus of having entertainment. Another plus is that the park is outside Metro Manila where everybody seems to be always stressed out including me, being with nature is a refreshing experience, a new route which is not into a mall this time.

To start with, I was fortunate enough to be invited in the soft launch of Winged Wonders of Magaul Bird Park in JEST Camp which will showcase not only the event but whatever awaits to the people that would want to visit the park and also gave us the sneak peak of Bird Show of the Year, we arrive there around noon time and everybody was excited to see the bird park and what it is all about.

A band is playing some a tribal music sets up the mood in the entrance of part of the park wherein its telling you that you'd be in a place where you haven't been in your life and excites me even more. 

Souvenir Shop is what you'll first see upon entering the park where you can have choices of what you'd like to purchase for yourself and/or for your love ones. From bird stuffed toys, shirts, key-chains to live birds that you can bring home with you and they even have bird cages to complete the package. In the shop you can get a copy of the map so you can see where the attractions are.

Birds birds, and more birds! Simply amazed on the variety of breeds I can see anywhere where I point my head. From the small ones to the big ones...and guess what, even those birds that are bigger than me and can even carry me and run faster than I do, like 40 - 60 mph and that is of course an ostrich.

This part I love!

This was when we went in to one of their 4 walk-in aviaries. As we were walking the stone path, I noticed this bird just flying from branch to branch of a young tree and then one of the staff told us that we don't need to catch them because they can fly towards you for a price. Yes..that's correct. But this is not a mafia kind of thing, because all they want is bird seed! And so the lady staff gave me some seeds and I showed my had to the bird and true enough, it flew over to my hand and of course I took the chance to have a picture with the cute little bird.
Jam packed crowd awaiting the sneak peak of the bird show

photo by: Rochkirstin Santos

Opening Remarks by the Guest of Honor Mr. Roberto Garcia, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Chairman. Gave us a pretty good speech on where Subic is in the past, today, the progress that Subic has and where it is headed in the future.

Having a hot afternoon these days is a real fact. But this interpretative dance just made my afternoon even hotter. They showed up an interpretation of who Magaul is and his story. 

After the dance presentation the young Operations Manager Ms. Katrina Lacap defined what the dance number was all about. Magaul? (pronounced as Ma-ga-ul) is the Sarimanok, a Philippine mythical bird, who pecked the bamboo where Malakas and Maganda came from (the Philippine version of Adam and Eve).

And the show began and I'm completely sold out! I enjoyed the Sneak Peak Bird Show and I highly recommend it to the young and young at heart. Definitely a fun treat for the kids how I wish I bring home some of those talented birds and probably let them get the mail for me or answer the phone. So I think I'd probably get one soon, so I can have a bird answer for me if the bills came in. Most likely what my future pet will say is "Go back the next day! He said he's not here now!" 

Anyway. After the show, we went ahead and had a quick break then followed the rest of the map. And the next stop was the view deck and the Goliath Swing having a nice view of Subic Bay, because that swing is just in the edge of the cliff which adds up the thrill of the ride. Unfortunately I wasn't able try it because of the long line of people and even kids wanting to try the exciting swing.

I went ahead to the next stop which was the Enchanted Bonsai Garden, Butterfly Garden, Insectarium and Bird Discovery Center.

This is another gallery experience for me that I appreciate because it not only educates the guests but it also create awareness of loving not only the birds but our planet.

Of course, more birds. I went back to the other parts of the Park and even went back to the same aviary where I got the photo shoot with a cute colorful little bird. I found my buddy that also was taking pictures. We were lucky because we was able to see more. Followed them to satisfy my 'Good Shot'.

After we went out from the aviary we were able to see a demo of one of the courses that Survival Training in JEST Camp offers. In this case it is 'creating fire using bamboo'. This I think will be my 2nd option. Because my first option for creating fire in the jungle is bringing a smoker friend(for sure he/she always have a lighter).

We also tried to do the maze but I just was afraid that I might not get out of the maze on time and our service bus might leave because it is almost time for us to go back to Manila. But I'm sure it will be a fun thing to do as well if we just had more time. Altogether, my experience with the event was terrific! I was able to get out of the Metro and limber down stress. Tiresome activities but it is worth every minute. Thank you for the sponsors JEST Camp, Adventura Events and Marketing Specialist for the invitation. And to give you a video preview of the park you can also check out the video below or check

Magaul Bird Park at J.E.S.T. Camp has the most diverse, amazing and unique adventure for the whole family offered in one location! Where else can you experience the wilderness like the pioneers, swing above a cliff like an eagle, hop from one tree to another like a hornbill, or snake through the Magaul Maze Quest for the only finger coloured adventure in the Philippines. And you can do it all in one of the wildest remaining places in the North.
Jungle Environment Survival Training Camp
Address: JEST Camp, Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Olongapo 2200
Phone:(047) 252 1489
Manila Office Contact No.: (02) 218 9023 / (0917) 904 8777
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