Friday, May 30, 2014

Hack the Climate: Longest Hackathon in the Philippines

You may have heard of Hackathons in the past which all of it has the purpose of doing good to the community. The organizers leveled it up a bit more,making it longer and better, with the theme of hacking the climate. And to give you an idea on the prizes at stake, you can check them below:

US$ 800 in cash
1 - Macbook Pro
1 - Dell Inspiron Mini 10" netbook
1 - iPod Shuffle
1 - iPod Video
1 - iPod Touch

All of those sounds cool and motivating but that is not the purpose of why I'm promoting this event. Let me start with what inspired this. Watch!

Naderev SaƱo, the lead negotiator of the Philippines delegation who prepared a statement at the COP18 climate talks in Doha, which was played a few years back. This became a major influence to Jacob Scheer. He felt that there is more that he can do and us in this instance. Climate change doesn't only apply to several states or countries, but this is a global phenomenon.

The actual house of one of the organizers after Typhoon Sendong

Come to think of it. We are all brothers and sisters all in one sky and this is our planet, this is our home and our planet needs us. Each of us can do our share and for this event, this is going to be for the individuals or group capable in developing an app to help out. I know someone is just out there, I know that you may be that person reading this or you know someone that has that skill. So come and join this advocacy. Lets help out.

You can also check Hack the Climate: Manila in facebook or go to

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