Thursday, May 29, 2014

Archer for a Day in Kodanda Makati Cinema Square

Being a Sagittarius I think it will be just natural for me to try this. Hey that's Half Horse Half Archer. Aside from that I also got inspired by several influences starting from Robinhood, to the Elves in Lord of the Rings and I think the last one was HawkEye. And aside from that, I also realized that from RPG's I usually play support like the one that has the bow and arrow thing. I just think that it is just so ME to do such, which is why I got excited when I got an opportunity to try Archery in Kodanda. 

Started out with putting up the gear that we will use including the bag where the arrows will be filled. First few minutes for me was like being a kid again and being though of how to hold up the bow and how to do it properly, we were also told to always pay attention to the referee whistle because it will give us a signal on when to load up the arrow to our bow and when to get the arrow from the target paper which is a safety precaution that the staff of Kodanda strongly implement because what we got were real bow's and real arrows and can really hurt someone if there were no safety measures specially for a novice like me.

First few shots that I got were really frustrating I was not hitting my target and the arrows where just going the wrong direction, but eventually I slowly get a hang of it and my hits were getting closer to my target which is the bulls-eye of course. To add up the flavor, fortunately I have another blogger friend that was with me so we had a little friendly competition, nothing at steak just the negative feeling of being beaten. The competition got more interesting when my friend hit the bulls-eye first and I ran out of arrows aside from the fact that my hits where mostly outside the circle or not even hitting the paper.

After that First time bulls-eye of Sportyguy(my blogger friend) he became more competitive, because I'm hitting my targets in the succeeding rounds, and surprisingly even hit the center of the bulls-eye which definitely made me very happy because that was my first time to be an archer and it gave me a good sign. I can say that I'm pretty lucky at that time. And to sum up the score that me and Sportyguy got...well it was 6-1!

We went to the Kodanda Store where all bows, arrow, bags, shirts and other accessories sold. Also got a glance of their stock room where the bows of the students where kept safe, because it will be too tedious for the archery students to carry their bulky bows all the time specially if their session was set everyday.

My Kodanda Experience was awesome, not bad for a first timer and would like to try some more. I can recommend this as a 'Must Try!'. Doing away from the usual going to the movies, eating out etc.

[ko*dan*da] Sanskrit - He who has a bow.
Kodanda Archery Range is a seven-lane, fully-air conditioned indoor archery range located on the Upper Basement of Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Avenue (formerly Pasong Tamo), Makati City. 
An hourly fee of Php550.00 per person includes the use of the range and of international-standard equipment and protective gear, as well as basic coaching from expert instructors, and additional Php30.00 for the Target Paper.

Operating Hours: Opens Daily (Monday - Sunday) at 10:30am until 7:30 pm.

No Membership fee.

You can also check out their facebook and twitter #Kodanda

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