Monday, June 23, 2014

Fila Stores in Robinson's Galleria and SM Megamall...Why so Many People?!

You just can't help but wonder why....This is not the Donut Store that has that line but a shoe store Fila! But does Fila have a new product line that is shaped like a donut?!

Stepped in and found out that it was no Donut, but Hot Pandesal!
Why did I say so?! Take a look at those Fit Hunks inside. Members of Philippine Volcanoes where in it.

Fans enjoying the fun time with their Fila Idols. To add up, Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Fabio Ide, Eric Tai (a.k.a Eruption) and the newest Fila Brand Ambassador Figure Ice Skater Michael Martinez was there as well.

It was a big treat specially for people that just dropped by to buy some shoes and then suddenly got a chance to see the Endorsers inside the store.

You can't miss that from this picture, a pair of shoes price drop

This couple just dropped by to buy shoes that they need and Fila is the Brand that came in their mind. Viola! They found their idol in the process.

Fans day?!, Fan sign day, Fans Sign day..It doesn't really matter..Because at the end of the event everybody is happy for visiting the Fila Store. Great finds on nice shoes in a very reasonable price.

Lucky that we were able to meet Fila's power couple Butch and Cris Albert, Fila Philippines president/CEO and chair. Early this year Mr and Mrs Albert Celebrated there 20th year anniversary and reading about their works, their ministry above everything else and all the achievements that they had as a couple I can say that it is really overwhelming to see Fila Royalties in the Meet and Greet event.

Butch and Cris Albert proudly wearing
Elegant Apparels of Fila

I was able to catch Ms Cris Albert cheerfully talking to a youngster that just bought a jacket and also became more fortunate for having it autographed by Fila Brand Ambassadors

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