Saturday, June 14, 2014

Genius in Jeepney Why Not?!

Jeepney Ride More Fun in the Philippines!

A Jeepney driver in Camarines Sur was praised for his ingenious way to help out his passengers beat summer heat.

A simple picture that was taken by Facebook user Ninoy Paglinawan during his stay in Pasacao Camarines, surprisingly reached more than 4000 shares while the likes already reached 40,000 likes the last time I checked and still growing.

According to the information provided by Paglinawan, the particular jeepney is one of the regular fleets plying the route Naga-Pasacao.

The heat on our summer time was pretty intense and feels like the sun is following you where ever you go, So seeing something like this is a good vibe read for me and something that is worth sharing. Kudos to Manong Jeepney Driver whomever you are.

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