Friday, June 13, 2014

Hack the Climate: Manila a Record Breaking Success!

Hack the Climate: Manila Participants together with the Organizers

And it came to the conclusion!

All the young geniuses were able to present and their creations and how it can pretty much be of benefit not only to NGO's but to Environmental Advocacy that is the prime purpose of Hack The Climate: Manila.

Even if I was not able to cover the Guinness Book Record for the full 57 hours(not the final tally) I was able to witness the passion for caring to mother nature in the room and the bright future for Eco Hacktivists that participated in the said event. Let me start of with the list of teams that participated:

Composed of students and young professionals that aimed to make a difference in the area of helping out our home that we call Earth.

On my part, I was only able to be in the event on the 1st and the last day. And here are some of the shots that may tell some of the stories of when I was there.

Talks from NGO's and Sponsors and fun moments to fill out the time of stay that each team in the venue, those where the things that I witnessed on my stay in Hack the Climate: Manila's first day, and I can say that I learned a lot myself. Like on the subject of EcoTourism in the Philippines, our country is blessed of Natural Beauty that both local and foreign tourist will find very attractive and those places needs enhancements so  communities from that place benefit from it which in turn also benefit our economy. That is only one of the inspirations that I got from being in that event.

The second part of my walk in the hall was the final day of the challenge and the judgement day as well. After the participants presented their respective inventions and apps I roamed around while waiting for the results and here are some of the shots I got.

Pretty intense judging
After the intense and difficult judgement. Awarding!

Grand Winner: Instigator

Congratulations to all the winners and as for the other groups...well there is actually a good news for them as well. Because nothing will be put into waste, all the other apps/projects will be offered to companies and NGO's. Overall the Records breaking event doesn't only add up new apps for users all over the world but inspired not only the participants but everyone that saw the event, read about it and organized the Hack the Climate: Manila itself to be better as a person.

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