Sunday, September 7, 2014

Guevarra's Buffet Resto for Pinoy Tummy

If you like buffet's and that's your kind of gastronomic adventure then you can try visiting Chef Laudico - Guevarra's. This will just be in San Juan Metro Manila.

It is an old house with a big lot as well as parking area, ideal if you're thinking of accommodating guests for wedding's, debut, company event's and the likes.

What Guevarra's Restaurant looks like from the outside

And since it is an old house, when you dine it will just feel that you're at home and will feel more comfortable going back and forth the buffet table. And that's again and again...

And to give you an idea of the food in the menu, I've prepared another slide for you.

You can find the restaurant in 387 P Guevarra St, Addition Hills (at Argonne St), 1500 San Juan City

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