Tuesday, September 2, 2014

JobsDB Awards our Local Workplace Heroes!

Most of us grew up watching superhero movies such as Superman, Batman, and the X-men, even down to our very own Darna, Captain Barbell, Panday and Enteng Kabisote. We followed them in their adventures in comics, on TV, and in the movies. Our love for anything related to these superheroes guarantee that they’re always a top-grosser every time they’re shown in the cinemas and lord over the ratings when shown on TV.

How many times did you silently wish you too could fly, shoot laser beams from your eyes or be super strong? You also probably thought of using these superpowers to help people. In reality though, you don’t need superpowers to be a HERO – all you need is the passion to do things extra-ordinarily.

As we celebrate this year’s National Heroes Day, JobsDB shared the thoughts from normal people on what makes them an everyday hero – people without superpowers but whose hearts have the extraordinary desire to make a difference.

JobsDB Philippines gathered together people from different job industries to celebrate their contributions in making a difference in the workforce. We were invited over to a dinner buffet at Dad’s

SM Megamall to present to them their Workforce Hero Award. Get to know each of them below:

“What makes me an everyday hero is that I'm doing my best effort as a son to my family, as an employee of my company, a friend for my friends and while maintaining a healthy relationship with GOD. Giving and sharing your time and energy, making that conscious effort to help improve another person’s life and just MAKING someone HAPPY is what makes me an EVERYDAY hero."

Jon-Jon Magbata Fabiala 
Logistics Staff
 “Patiently teaching my student every day in their concerns at school is what makes me an EVERYDAY hero.”

Loralie Valenzuela Galvez

“Patiently teaching my student every day in their concerns at school is what makes me an EVERYDAY hero.”
Xavel Ortiz Torres

“I wake up early to buy breakfast for my grandparents and do the household chores. As an apo, I'm taking good care of them and love them with all my heart."

Loraine V. Galvez

“I must say that I am an everyday hero because every time I design a building, I always consider the safety and the comfort of its user.”

Babie Segubience Menguito 

“I give all the best for the patient through health care counseling. Being a Mom of two, I also make my very best for them to grow good and be God-fearing Filipino citizens.”

Roselle Ceejae Menguito 
Student/ future teacher 
“I’m helping my mom to do household chores like cleaning, cooking, and washing the dishes. In that way, it makes me feel like a hero by giving love and care for my family.”

Dhen Calisin
Call Center Representative
“Being a trouble shooter, a good listener, and understanding people. This is why they are very comfortable opening up to me and seeking my advice.”

Cecille dela Cruz
Office Staff
Ate Cecille was voted by an overwhelming number of jobsDB employees. She has dedicated her life to taking good care of all jobsDB employees, old and new. Ate Cecille proudly embodies the spirit of jobsDB through her passion, dedication, and hard-work.

Major Michael T. Aquino
Media and Civil Affairs Group, CRSAFP Group Commander
Station Manager of DWDD-Katropa Radio
Resisting the lure of more income outside the service, he joined the AFP Commissary and Exchange Service (AFPCES) in 2013 as the Chief of Operations and later Corporate Planning and Business Development officer where he helped the organization to be at par with the best in the retail industry. With minimal resources, as the Station Manager of the Katropa Radio, he institutionalized reforms primarily in the format and delivery of radio programs in order to make it more relevant to the general public. He further positioned the organization not only as a radio station but as multi-media facility making it as the first AM radio in the Philippines with a live streaming-ready website. In his role as the Commander of the Media and Civil Affairs Group, he initiated a ground breaking activity in disseminating information with the conduct of the First

AFP Social Media Summit with more than a thousand participants. He is an advocate of the “Home for Soldiers” and “Greater Philippines” programs which aim for the betterment of the living conditions of soldiers and bringing back the Philippines to glory.

For the heroes long dead to whom we dedicate the National Heroes Day, we are forever in their debt. We thank them for everything they did for the country and for the inspiration to become HEROES ourselves.

However, there is more to being a hero than taking up arms or possessing superhuman powers. We can be a HERO simply by living our life in the service of other people and for always striving to do things extraordinarily. While the rest of the world may be oblivious to your deeds of everyday heroism, know that your family and friends will always remember and appreciate everything you did for them.

Congratulations to our Workforce Hero 2014 awardees and continue to make a difference!

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