Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Maria Leonora Teresa!

Directed by Wenn Deramas which is known for Directing the Comedy Blockbusters that we've seen and has been a brand director in Comedy now tried Horror for a change.

with script written by Keiko Aquino, Maria Leonora Teresa is a horror-drama for the entire family and is centered to the interconnected lives of the three mothers who lost their individual daughters to a brutal accident. This unimaginable tragedy left their mothers Faith Julio and Stella with indelible and unbearable grief. To cope up with their pain, they seek professional help form a doctor who offered them dolls who look exactly like their deceased daughters. Peculiar as it may be, the mothers accepted the doctor's offer for they will do anything and everything to keep the memories of their daughters alive.

"This was the very first horror film that I ever directed and I am so excited," reveals Direk Wenn.

"Sometimes we have to be careful of what wish for because it just might come true. Maria Leonora Teresa shows us how far mothers are willing to go for the love of their children. In the end acceptance will set us free and we all have to face our fears at one point in our lives or the other." Direk Wenn added

Maria Leonora Teresa is a part of Star Cinema's on-going 20th anniversary celebration and it is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.

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