Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tambayan Sa Kanto - Place to Chill Out in The Podium

Never did I know that there is something like this Resto in Podium until I was invited. Cool! because this types of Resto are not too many in Places like that serving the all Filipino Recipe and what I'm talking about is the No Fusion Type of Menu. We'll if this is you're type then you can go visit Tambayan sa Kanto Restaurant which serves Authentic All Filipino Recipe that Pinoy Palate will crave for.

Lets take a look at the ambiance that it has. It has a cozy look and big capacity of around 100 people (on my estimate) in combination of the Inside and Outside Dine Area, around 16 - 20 seats on the 2nd Floor then another 16 - 20 seats in the Conference Area which is also in the 2nd Floor and can be separated into 2 rooms via the folding wall divider.

Dining Area Inside the Restaurant

Dining Area on 2nd Floor of the Restaurant

Conference Area
To give you an idea, let me show you what were served to us when we visited Tambayan sa Kanto, and to make it even better. They served the best sellers to our group.

Yes they have 'Mani' and this was served as our starter then the shakes that each of us prefer. Range of different Shakes from basic like Chocolate, Vanilla to the Amazing Fresh Fruit Shakes. You'll appreciate this even better especially if you're a fan of fruit shakes.


Next on the course, Soup and it is called KBL, short for Kadyos-Baboy-Langka were the ingredient "kadyos" were supplied strait from Ilo-Ilo to Tambayan sa Kanto Restaurant. One of the Pride of this restaurant because this Recipe was inherited by the owner from her grandparents in Ilo-Ilo.

KBL(Kadyos, Baboy, Langka)
Salad and Appetizer was serve after KBL. Ensaladang Pinoy which used fresh ingredients then Chicharon Liempo which I like because it was served in thin strips, crispy and really appetizing and to be honestly I can take this as my main course and be full if they served rice earlier.

Ensaladang Pilipino and Chicharon Liempo
And now the Main Course, starting with the Crispy Grease less Bagnet. One of the Favorite in this Restaurant as well because of its authenticity, this is special really because it takes around a couple of weeks to prepare this kind of meal and this was another inherited recipe that the owner had from her grand parents in Ilocos. Taste really good which matches either with rice or can serve as "Pulutan" for your beer buckets. Another choice that you can have or can serve as main course or 'pulutan' is their Crispy Tadyang ng Baka.

Bagnet and Crispy Tadyang ng Baka
Healthier option in our main course was the Baked Tilapia and Laing and the Coconut Crusted Prawns

Coconut Crusted Prawns and Baked Tilapia
And lastly, Dessert and you will like the way they came up with them because it is not the usual dessert that you're used to,

You can visit Tambayan sa Kanto which is just in The Podium's ground floor next to the elevator.

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