Sunday, September 28, 2014

RC Jamacan Patties Next to Movies in Market Market

This is a treat for me and my friends when we visited the RC Jamaican Patties just next to the movie theaters in Market Market when we were scheduled to taste the Jamaican Patties that they have. Let me describe the place first, aside from it being a convenient place to hang around when your waiting for your friends or waiting for the view time of the movie that you'd like to see you can also somehow have this small touch of Jamaican colors when you enter the store, I've posted the photo below to give you an idea of the space and how it looks like.

And for the staff, I can say that they're okay and providing good customer service to the clients. I guess you can probably tell from their picture below.

I also got pictures of the Jamaican Patties itself but since they all look the same, I only posted one which is one of my favorite the Beef Granade.

So here are the Patties that we were able to try:

All-beef ground filling, all-time favorite
No chili, juicy, ground all-beef filling with tomato sauce gravy
Extra hot, all-beef juicy ground filling with tomato sauce gravy
Detonates in your mouth & only for the brave, spicy all-beef ground filling, lots of chili
All-chicken ground filling
Loads of melted cheese with all-beef ground filling, a sure winner!

And here's the menu from the pictures I took. 

You can also check their site: for more details.

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