Monday, March 9, 2015

Celebrating Chinese Lantern Festival In Theater by Jilin Provincial Art Troupe

Celebrating the Chinese New Year and Chinese Lantern Festival Jilin Provincial Art Troupe put together the Beautiful Melody in Jilin Style and Spread the Sense of Auspiciousness.

As a start there is Jilin Drama: Shi Qian Stealing the Letter, is one of the most splendid episodes of Jilin drama Yan Qing Slling Threads. The story tells to seize Shenzhou, the Liangshan brotherhoods sent Yan Qing and Shi Qian to seek the sister and brotyher of the Ren family as insiders in order to get the invitation letter to enter Shenzhou.

With the opening show of Grand Family of Harmony gave a passionate and glamorous performance that symbolizes long-lasting unity and friendship between the two nations. Next performance was with the Singer Wang Qi that sang Ode to Felicity, Sweet Honey which is a song to praise the current happy life of people in two countries and she also sang Bahay Kubo so imagine that! Then the show had Tinkle Bells in Breeze with Lead Dancer Wang He this is a dance interpretation of as beautiful legend of kindness and affection and faith, the embodiment and interpretation of beauty.

Male Singer Chen Xin also sang Blessing, Wishing You Prosperity and also sang another Tagalog Song 'Pen Pen De Sarapen' . I was particularly amazed on the following performance of Surplus Year after Year lead by Wei Shuang, they were beautiful mermaids dancing lightly and merrily in the grass-green river of spring which is an interpretation of them chasing the currents with happiness and blessings.  There were also music highlights of abundant ethnic features and distinctive emotional charm with a jaunty and fluent melody, vividly demonstrates the delighted emotions of the people of Sani clan when they greet guests from afar to spend pleasant times together with them in a time of gaiety.

Pipa Language was also performed, it has a profound meaning and lingering rhythm that arouses slight sadness in the audience's heart. Then for the kids and the kids at heart there is magic, mainly inherits the feature of magic performance of North China with popular tricks such as Silk to Stick, Paper to Money as well as traditional Chinese tricks Silk from Paper Roll, Sudden Flag and Wet Paper to Snowflake.

They also have their own version of Lion Dance titled 'Lion Pack Serving the Treasure' that fuses the entertainment of lion dance of South China as well as the plot of teasing the lions. Another of my favorite was Hand Tricks Presenting the Pearl at Rainbow Bridge which feels like you're watching a Kung Fu Film, a story of a fairy walking over ripples that is deeply in love with a scholar but before the proposal Er'lang God came to stop the bond by ordering the imperial court of the heaven and she fought in spite of being outnumbered.

After which it was followed by Dance of Chaoxian Nationality: Joy that shows the happiness of Chaoxian People in China and lead by Wang He as well as dancing Thousand-Hand Kwanyin that is based on the wall painting of Dunhuang Grottoes with peaceful tranquility and profound meaning of Buddhism.

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