Monday, March 9, 2015

Waterside Restobar

Got a Chance to experience a fine dine of Surf n Turf in this restaurant which is pretty good, I can say that it you can be filled with chunky, fresh and delicious meal. This is going to be the first restaurant for Solaire Resort and Casino that I will blog about.

An all-day dining restaurant that enjoys a fascinating bayside ambience. It serves Latin American and Mediterranean specialties and features a unique ensemble of show kitchens, which includes a paella cooking station, churrascaria, rotisserie, and tapas bar.

Lets start with the Paella which is perhaps not your ordinary paella although I didn't really ate everything in it, from what I tasted, It has something more and you can taste all the ingredients that is in the presentation of the dish and they used Spanish Bamba Rice from Levante for this. And for the preparation of Paella, they recommend that you give them around 30 minutes for preparation.

For Surf n Turf it is composed of Hangar Steak, Pork Back Ribs, Prawns, Salmon. I think there is also a salad but of course knowing me..I didn't pay attention to that part being a carnivore.

This such a treat that's what I can say, I personally like the salmon part of the platter, really tender and satisfies my taste bud, as well as pork back ribs that taste a little sweet, the fresh prawns that is around 6-8 inches big from my estimate, and the juicy hangar steak that is a pretty good combination and something that a meat lover like me will love, this meal can be shared by 4 and probably 6 people and I will recommend that you order some extra rice for this.

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