Tuesday, March 3, 2015

B’lue lets you #LiveToFeel

Through the Live To Feel movement, the Filipino millennialscelebrated who they are. Thousands created unique Live To Feel portraits, making a powerful statement about how we define ourselves through the many feelings we have and the actions we do.

February 21, 2015 a generation came together to become part of a massive, youth-inspired collaborative exhibit. The faces and statements of those who participated were made prominent on towering installations, along walkways, and even on the face of a building. Live To Feel grew larger than anyone could imagine.Live To Feel brought to light the question of what allows us to live to feel—to feel fully alive and enabled to take in every experience, every moment, and every feeling.

For this, there’s B’lue, a new drink experience specially designed for our way of life. B’lue upholds the philosophy of the Live To Feel movement and believes in the young generation who lives full lives and immerse themselvesin every moment through feelings, actions, and opportunities. Whether when we are tired or feeling great, it enables us to feel fully alive and move forward.

Three fruity flavors are available for Filipinos to experience: enlivening Orange, peppy Lychee, and inspiring Calamansi. Each flavor has a distinct taste made for different moments when you want to feel fully alive. It is now available in supermarkets and convenience stores in Metro Manila at an affordable price for your day-to-day refreshment.
B’lue hits the Philippines with a big splash at Eastwood Mall last February 28, through a giant interactive installation called The B’lue Zone, which enabled people to move in the spirit of feeling alive by making virtual water come alive. This unique and refreshing experience—made possible with motion-sensitive digital displays and 4D effects, and triggered with just one sip of B’lue—simulated how B’lue makes you feel fully alive.

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About B’lue

Inspired by how the millennial generation lives, B’lue–a water-based drink– provides a unique drinking experience that deeply refreshes you, body mind and mood. Whether you are tired or feeling great, B’lue makes you feel fully alive to take on what’s ahead. It comes in a 500mL PET bottle, offering three fruity flavors: Orange, Calamansi and Lychee. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/DrinkBluePH.

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