Friday, March 13, 2015

Fortune Magazine Named Tupperware Brands as One of the Most Admired Companies in the World

Manila, Philippines – Tupperware Brands was cited in the 2015 World’s Most Admired Companies list for eight straight years by Fortune Magazine. The company is ranked on the annual list under the Home Equipment, Furnishings category.

Throughout the years, Tupperware Brands has been unwavering in its commitment to Enlighten, Educate and Empower women and their families across the globe. With extreme passion to change lives in every one of its millions of sales force, Tupperware Brands continues to provide limitless income opportunities and develop innovative and world-class products, like Tupperware, that has been a staple in homes for over 50 years.  Product brands and categories include design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen; plus beauty, personal care, and baby care products for the whole family.

"More than this award, the assurance that we are able to carry out our commitment in empowering and improving lives of Filipinos in support of Tupperware Brands’ global mission to change lives through opportunity, support and relationships, year on year, is what we are most grateful for," says Mr. Graciano Pangilinan Jr., Tupperware Philippines President and Managing Director.

“This continues to inspire us here in Tupperware Brands Philippines to aggressively come out and reinvent our products and improve our communication strategies to reach more Filipino families and be their partner in achieving their growth potential," Mr. Pangilinan continues.

Fortune Magazine based their ranking for the World’s Most Admired Companies in the World on nine key attributes including innovativeness, sound financials, value as a long-term investment, to name a few. Tupperware Brands was noted for global competitiveness, ranking first within the industry in that category.

The company ranked second in innovation and use of corporate assets in its industry. Other criteria contributing to the ranking includes social responsibility, people management, quality of products/services, and quality of management, financial soundness and long-term investment value.

The Fortune World's Most Admired Companies list is seen as the report card on corporate reputation. Over 660 companies from 29 countries around the world were surveyed by over 4,000 participants in the process of creating the 2015 list. The rankings reflect the observations and opinions of industry executives, directors and analysts. The 2015 list can be found in the March 1, 2015 issue of the magazine, as well as online.

Tupperware Brands Philippines is the authorized distributor of some of the world’s prestigious brands including Tupperware, Colour Collection, Ivana, White Result, Wonderbra, Playtex, Hanes, Baby Care Plus+, and Kids Plus+.

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