Thursday, September 21, 2017

'Michelin LTX Force' Ready to Shake the SUV and Light Truck Tire Market

No more trade-offs for drivers seeking for a tire with the combination of on- and off-road performance, as Michelin now introduces ‘MICHELIN LTX FORCE’ – an all-new tire for SUVs and light trucks that, in line with its tagline: “Whatever The Terrain, One Tire Handles It.”, comes with the best of Michelin’s on- and off-road technologies for multi-purpose use on all types of terrain.

On a global scale, the SUV tire segment is growing larger in strategic importance. Over the past two years, it has outgrown the passenger car tire segment, and will continue to do so for the next five years. Our target drivers are people whose lifestyle, location or profession demand driving on and off-road, and need the best experience on both type of terrain.  So the launch of MICHELIN LTX FORCE reinforces our commitment not only to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers with multiple exceptional performances, but also to respond to ever-changing market conditions in order to remain at the forefront of the industry,” said Michael Nunag, Chief Representative, Michelin Philippines.

Suitable for every terrain – ranging from asphalt highways, concrete roads, to unpaved, gravel, sand, and wet mud paths; the newly launched MICHELIN LTX FORCE tire features both on-road capabilities and off-road toughness. Its on-road capabilities are enabled by CompacTread Technology, whereby reinforcement between tread blocks increases the contact area with the ground, for better braking and safety; BevelTread Technology, whereby a rounded sloping edge cuts the peaks of noise power at the frequency which is sensitive to human ears, thus providing a peaceful ride; and CushionGuard Technology, which absorbs road imperfections for a more comfortable Its off-road toughness is enabled by Extended Sidewall Biting Edge, which improves the sidewall’s cut-chip resistance; plus Deep and Open Shoulder Design for off-road traction.

Off-road technologies behind the MICHELIN LTX FORCE are derived from the World Rally Championship (WRC), one of the world’s most demanding rallies – thus, providing another example of Michelin’s “from track to road” philosophy. At the same time, on-road technologies make the tire brake better on wet roads and last longer. According to tests conducted by third parties, the MICHELIN LTX FORCE brakes up to 2 meters shorter and delivers 35% more mileage when compared to its competitors in the dual-purpose tire category,” added Nunag.

With the MICHELIN LTX FORCE, customers can be ensured of safety and versatility with excellent on-road grip and great off-road traction, as well as of longevity and durability with better mileage and a tougher design.

The new MICHELIN LTX FORCE will be available from Michelin Authorized Dealers Nationwide.
Covering a wide range of fitments, the MICHELIN LTX FORCE will be available in
205/70 R15 96T
225/70 R15 100T
LT225/75 R 15 108/104S
P235/70 R15 102S
235/75 R15 105T
255/70 R15 112T EXTRA LOAD
265/70 R15 112T
215/65 R16 98T
LT225/75 R 16 115/112S
235/70 R16 106T
245/70 R16 111T
265/70 R16 112T
LT265/75 R 16 123/120S
275/70 R16 114T
225/65 R17 102H
235/65 R17 104T
245/65 R17 111T
265/65 R17 112T
275/65 R17 115T
285/65 R17 116T
265/60 R18 110T
285/60 R18

All sizes will be available within the year at Michelin tire dealers. To check the dealers near you, you may visit our website,

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