Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Unravelling Myths About Vision Changes

As we age, our senses tend to become less sharp. Our vision, in particular, undergoes significant changes. The eyes gradually lose the ability to adapt and change focus quickly. This naturally developing condition is called “presbyopia.”

Presbyopia usually starts around the age of 40 and affects even those without a history of vision problems. Essilor, the world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, estimates that those with presbyopia number more than 500 million worldwide

    “People with presbyopia have a hard time reading fine print and need to hold reading materials farther than arm’s length,” says Essilor Philippines general manager Dr. Emelita Roleda. “At the same time, they have problems seeing objects at close range. We recommend to those suffering from this condition to use progressive lenses to correct near and distance vision.”

    Although presbyopia is a natural age-related condition, there are misconceptions about it. As previously stated, one myth about it is that it is preventable. It is not a disease but a natural part of aging, thus unavoidable even for those with 20/20 vision. Some people also believe that correcting presbyopia can worsen the condition. But if untreated, presbyopia will only lead to eye fatigue and make daily tasks harder to do.
Another mistaken notion is that few solutions for presbyopia are available. But in this day and age, near vision blurriness is easily manageable. One can use reading glasses which basically aids in seeing print clearly. Eyeglasses with bifocal or progressive lenses are also available. A bifocal lens features two areas of vision correction, near and far, which are divided by a distinct line that sits horizontally across the lens. Progressive lenses are a more sophisticated solution because not only do they eliminate the visible lines found on bifocals, but they also provide a more natural correction of presbyopia.

Using advanced research and technology, Essilor offers an effective way to seamlessly correct presbyopia while at the same time providing updated aesthetics, giving the wearer a more youthful appearance. Varilux®, the world leader in progressive lenses, gives dynamic clarity and greater comfort in any distance. It’s perfect to use whether you read a book, use a computer, or look into the horizon while traveling.

    “Varilux® progressive lenses are specifically designed to give the wearer sharper, clearer and effortless vision every day,” says Dr. Roleda. “The lenses are sophisticated, bespoke creations designed with the most advanced technology to be a perfect fit according to the optical and facial profile of the wearer.”

    Correct presbyopia with proper lenses. Ask an eye care professional about the Varilux® progressive lenses suited to your needs. For more information, visit www.essilor.com.ph, and follow @EssilorPH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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