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Laundy Tips

Things gets a little crazy sometimes during rainy season, like traffic jams, being a pedestrian that needs to be under a shelter of some sort like a tree or the nearest shop that can shield you against the rain, the slow internet connection that gets even worst when it rain, and soon, you’re caught up with cough, cold, and sneezes. The list goes on and on that people just hate this season in spite the benefits of it

One of the biggest challenge that we face will by the piling up of our laundry. We all know the major issue with drying clothes at home on a rainy day is the clothes not drying on time and drying them outside the house is an impossible task. Nothing is more frustrating than washing piles of clothes only for them to end up damp and smelly because of gloomy weather. With this being said, I would like to share some laundry tips that may be useful for you.

Tip No. 1: Use dryers to avoid accumulating moisture
It is a dilemma in the rainy season not being able to hang out clothes under the sun for drying. most often than not, we end up leaving them in the washing machine or leave them to hang in an area with little air and space to dry, and this causes trapped moisture accumulating in our clothes, that leads to unpleasant “kulob” smell.

Tip No. 2 Add fabric conditioner
Rainfall roughs up your clothes, which causes them to loose texture and break down. It definitely brings out the earthy scent of wet soil that can stick to clothing. Moreover, damp conditions create the ultimate breeding ground for bacteria on your clothes.

Adding fabric conditioner is a pretty good way to solve this issue because it helps to soften and improve the texture of your clothing, while also keeping your clothes smelling great in spite the rain. On top of that, some fabric conditioners also boast anti-bacterial properties, making sure that your clothes are fresh and germ-free.

Tip No. 3 Keep your washing machine clean
Washing machines were made to clean clothes, people often forget that the appliance itself also needs to be maintained. The rainy season brings soiled clothes and moist environments, which can cause residues of dirt, mold, and mildew to build up and produce strange odors in your washing machine, even if you fill it with laundry detergent.

You can clean your washing machine by running a wash cycle with the machine empty. It will clear out any detergent that possibly built up in the machine. Make sure to always wipe it inside and out for any residues that may have built up. It is also best to use a washing machine cover to protect it from heat, mold and moisture.

Tip No. 4: Place scented items or odor eliminators in your closet
Most clothes tend to lose that fresh, clean scent after time tucked away in the closet. To ensure that your clothes don’t develop a hardened smell, try to use a few drops of your favorite essential oil on some cotton, place them in a small container and leave in a corner of your closet.

Alternatively you can use coffee grounds. You can reuse the coffee grounds that you drank in the morning by placing them in a container with holes then sticking that into your closet.

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