Friday, October 9, 2020

Safety in the Time of the Pandemic through MAPFRE Insurance’s #QuaranSafe Offering

Mafre Insurance

The amplification of COVID-19 in the Philippines has generated more awareness for companies such as MAPFRE Insurance, a non-life insurance company, to help Filipinos feel safe by minimizing the risks in their lives. MAPFRE Insurance has cut across its message to Filipinos through the “We’ll Take Care of It” campaign that strives to offer clients, “a little bit of certainty in moments of uncertainty, as we always have.”

Now, MAPFRE Insurance has introduced “QuaranSAFE”, a very timely offer in the pandemic where the essential end goal is for clients to feel, “safe at home and safe on the road.” Clients can invest in contingency plans developed by MAPFRE Insurance, in the causation of what kind of support clients seek such as ‘Property’ insurance and ‘Motor Vehicle’ insurance.

With respect to government mandates and to avoid COVID-19 exposure, Filipinos are taking sanctuary in their homes, making it more relevant as it now serves not just a living space but also their working and even business space. To provide utmost comfort, MAPFRE Insurance propagates the basic need of safety through the Home Insurance plan with, “Your home, #WellTakeCareofIt!” MAPFRE Insurance recognizes, “the true value of your property,” by including insurance benefits such as Home Insurance FIRE, Home Insurance EARTH and Home Insurance WATER to protect your house and its contents from loss and damage caused by fire, lightning and more perils namely: Earthquakes, Typhoons, Floods, etc.

Aside from the Home, MAPFRE Insurance also stresses the importance of your car in this pandemic, reasoning with clients who actively drive and ensuring, “Your car, #WellTakeCareofIt!”. To complement, MAPFRE Insurance offers ‘AutoSelect’, a cost efficient and more comprehensive protection plan that clients may avail of. It is your comprehensive car insurance plan on a budget. Repairs for AutoSelect is done through selected “talyeres" (repair shops) that offers free supplementary benefits to MAPFRE Insurance clients. The ‘AutoSelect’ approach is more affordable by five to seventeen percent, depending on value of the car — with sedan having the highest percentage savings.

“Times like this is an opportunity for us to embrace our commitment and vocation for service. We are here to take care of you— the Filipinos, our clients. Together, we face the future stronger and with confidence that we shall rise above as one,” says Tirso Abad, MAPFRE Insurance’s President and CEO.

In a time of crisis, MAPFRE Insurance goes above and beyond with #QuaranSafe to reassure its clients that they will continue to have a safe journey on the road in their vehicles and safe space in their homes.

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