Thursday, December 3, 2020

MAPFRE Insurance makes a difference by launching “Business Opportunity Seminar” for Filipinos in The New Normal


Philippines — In 2020, many businesses in the Philippines are going through a transformative experience due to the extenuating circumstances of COVID-19 where stricter guidelines influence decision-making. The Agency Unit of MAPFRE Insurance has migrated to online recruitment, with respect to preventive measures and to maintain momentum in growth and sales activities. The Agency Unit continues to power through this major shift and recognizes this year as an opportune time to become expansive in reach and appeal to prospective agents, through targeting and advertising placements.

A new and improved Business Opportunity Seminar (BOS) has been relaunched by The Agency Unit, in order to carry the nascent objective of recruiting new agents regularly and to concentrate focus on the Unit Manager Program that recently launched. The implementation of a revised BOS format is set in stone as the BOS event is managed through online execution. To garner more exposure, MAPFRE Insurance drive social traffic with regular advertising on their Social Media platforms. Moving forward, Unit Managers, current Agents and Sales Leaders make direct contact with leads generated via Facebook Advertising. Post initial contact, potential recruits from different regions will gather in the Business Opportunity Seminar to network and develop their skills as agents.

The Agency Unit of MAPFRE Insurance is the driving force of contribution in production sales. With the New Normal, the top initiative for The Agency Unit has been to nurture the agency force which includes growing the number of agents participating. The unit reported 200 recruits as of October 2020, surpassing the target of 180 recruits, and continues to grow exponentially by the month. The Agency Unit believes that if more agents are being recruited and retained, more and better sales will be generated for the company.

The global pandemic has created unexpected complexities for the Philippines and the biggest hurdle for Filipinos is striking a balance between operating businesses and controlling the highly contagious COVID-19 disease. The aggrandized status of COVID-19 has left more and more Filipinos unemployed and tailing substantial alternatives and opportunities for streams of income. Since July 2020, statistics indicate that 4.6 million Filipinos, derivative of the age groups 25-34, have been laid off and the industries that dominate unemployment include:

I. Arts, entertainment and recreation
II. Accommodation and food service
III. Information and communication

Nowadays, individuals are swayed by the screens flash from Social Media platforms and E-Commerce websites and attaining a sense of relevancy in today’s virtual world is considered a win for businesses. MAPFRE Insurance continues to enact positive change within agents and partners with the “We’ll Take Care Of It” campaign and aims to instill more integrity in the digital space. A two-part campaign is being developed that puts the spotlight on how becoming an Insurance Sales Agent for MAPFRE Insurance guarantees a career.

Filipinos have displayed utmost resiliency through these last eight months and MAPFRE Insurance, along with their agents, will be there to help turn things around and figure out a survival plan for the period of COVID-19.

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