Thursday, December 21, 2023

Lufthansa Group and LGE Travel Forge Groundbreaking Sustainability Partnership


 - LGE Travel commits to investing in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) 

-  Largest bulk SAF deal for Lufthansa Group in Asia Pacific region

-  First bulk SAF deal for Lufthansa Group in Singapore

-  SAF is a decisive technological key to more sustainable flying

Lufthansa Group is pleased to announce a historic partnership with Singapore-based LGE Travel, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to sustainability in aviation. This partnership with LGE represents the highest-ever Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) bulk deal for Lufthansa Group in the Asia-Pacific region. It not only marks a monumental step towards sustainable practices but also signifies a pivotal moment as the first-ever bulk SAF deal in Singapore. Lufthansa Group is proud to spearhead such an innovative partnership aimed at reshaping the future of aviation in the Asia Pacific region.


LGE Travel is a leisure travel agency and an advocate for sustainable travel initiatives. A specialist in global group touring, they have consistently demonstrated unwavering support for the shared vision of a more sustainable future in aviation and their commitment to sustainability resonates deeply with Lufthansa Group's ethos.


“We are proud and honored to be the first travel agency in Singapore to be part of the committee driving towards more sustainable travel with Lufthansa Group.”, Mr. Benny Ho, Managing Director, LGE Travel.


As the first agency in Singapore to sign a bulk SAF deal, LGE Travel takes a proactive approach to embracing sustainable practices, aligning with the increasing demand for leisure travel in the local Singaporean market.


"Partnering with LGE Travel is a testament to our shared commitment to promoting sustainability within the aviation industry," remarked Mr. Philipp Bonkatz, General Manager Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, Lufthansa Group. "This deal not only marks a significant achievement in our sustainability endeavors but also paves the way for future collaborations aimed at redefining the aviation landscape, both globally and more specifically in the Asia Pacific region."


By embracing both innovation and sustainability, Lufthansa Group and LGE Travel are dedicated to shaping a more responsible and eco-friendly future for the aviation industry, paving the way of more mindful travel for generations to come.


Further information about Lufthansa Group's numerous programs and initiatives for more sustainable flying can be found here.

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