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Global Comfort Group Corp and Hotelogix: Revolutionizing Sustainable Hotel Management

Global Comfort Group Corp and Hotelogix: Revolutionizing Sustainable Hotel Management

Eurotel Vivaldi, February 29, 2024 - Global Comfort Group Corporation (GCGC), the renowned hotel management company overseeing leading brands such as Hotel Sogo, Eurotel, Apo View Hotel, Hotel DreamWorld, and Astrotel, forged a groundbreaking partnership with Hotelogix, a cloud-based property management system. The tie-up aims to transform hotel operations and sustainability initiatives.

At a recently held press conference in Eurotel Vivaldi, these two companies showcased their collaborative efforts to enhance operational efficiency, guest experience, and environmental sustainability across GCGC's portfolio of hotels. The partnership is aligned with GCGC's commitment to sustainability by promoting efficiency and reducing waste through digitalization and eco-friendly practices.

With Hotelogix's multi-property management system (PMS), GCGC will be able to centralize control of hotel operations across its diverse portfolio, comprising 57 properties and 7,437 rooms. This transition to cloud-based operations will streamline processes, improve revenue, and enhance the overall guest experience.

When discussing the rationale behind this strategic decision and investment, Alexander Asuncion, Senior Executive of GCGC and current CEO & Business Unit Head of Global Officium Limited Inc (GOLI), said, "For a large hotel management group like ours, upgrading to cloud-based operations is a giant leap forward. We put a high premium on operational efficiency and excellent customer service, as these form part of our group-wide and long-term strategic direction. We are confident that this partnership with Hotelogix is a critical step towards future-proofing our business, assuring our customers of the best value-based hotel service for years to come."

Hotelogix's cloud-based property management system has a proven track record of success, with numerous hotels worldwide benefiting from its innovative solutions. By implementing Hotelogix technology, hotels have streamlined operations, enhanced guest experiences, and increased revenue through features such as digital check-in/check-out and mobile guest services.

Data security and privacy are paramount in the integration of technology solutions. Both GCGC and Hotelogix prioritize compliance with data protection regulations, implementing robust security measures such as encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive information.

Eurotel Vivaldi

"We are delighted to welcome the Global Comfort Group Corporation to the Hotelogix family. By bringing their extensive portfolio under the Hotelogix umbrella, we're not just providing a platform but catalyzing their transformative shift towards efficiency, scalability, and unparalleled guest service," said Aditya Sanghi, Co-founder & CEO at Hotelogix. "Cloud adoption is growing among the hotel chains in the Philippines, and we are all set to support them leveraging this trend to drive growth."

GCGC has opted for several solutions to ensure 360-degree efficient group operation. It includes a Mobile Hotel PMS App to execute tasks on the go for the hotel staff, a Point of Sale for F&B operation, and a guest service management application to provide contactless services to their guests. The group will also use a channel manager, booking engine, revenue management system, and rate shopper to grow sales and revenue.

"Choosing Hotelogix is a strategic decision that is aligned with our growth plan. After careful study of several PMS solutions in the region, Hotelogix came out as the best and ideal choice to be our partner for the future. Their technological capability and deep industry knowledge, coupled with GCGC’s strong industry presence and business acumen, our collaboration will be the winning formula as GCGC continues to grow and diversify for years to come”. Asuncion, emphasized.

The collaborative process between GCGC and Hotelogix has been marked by extensive workshops, consultations, and testing phases to ensure the seamless integration of technology solutions tailored to meet the needs of hotels and guests.

With this partnership, GCGC and Hotelogix are poised to revolutionize the hospitality industry, driving sustainability, operational efficiency, and guest satisfaction to new heights.

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