Thursday, March 14, 2024

OPPO Find X7 Ultra Number One Rated Camera Phone by DXOMARK

March 13, 2024 – OPPO Find X7 Ultra, the Ultimate Camera Phone, has achieved DXOMARK’s Gold Camera award, placing first in its smartphone camera ranking.

Combining world-first breakthroughs in camera hardware with OPPO’s powerful HyperTone Camera System, cutting-edge computational photography, and pro-grade Hasselblad tuning, Find X7 Ultra achieved a best-in-class overall Camera score of 157, with a record-setting sub-score for Bokeh and the highest Video sub-score of any Android smartphone.

Excellent camera experience in all conditions

Find X7 Ultra’s incredible camera system achieved top scores in many real-world scenarios.

Smartphones notoriously struggle to capture indoor photos with mixed and artificial light, but Find X7 Ultra excelled in DXOMARK’s tests, with record-setting scores in various conditions including Indoor, Night-Time and Friend & Family categories, demonstrating the power and versatility of OPPO’s HyperTone Camera System. 

“OPPO Find X7 Ultra’s camera performance is excellent across all of our tests, with exceptional portrait rendering, as well as best-in-class zoom and detail preservation for both photo and video.”

  • Olympe Corblet, Image Science Engineer/Product Owner, DXOMARK 

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No.1 Rated Smartphone for Bokeh

OPPO Find X7 Ultra's Hasselblad Portrait Mode was recognised by DXOMARK as being standout, ranking first among all smartphones. Bokeh highlights included precise and accurate foreground, subject and background segmentation with minimal artifacts, respectful skin tone reproduction, and more detailed results than competitor portrait modes.

This world-class portrait photography is made possible by the new Hasselblad Portrait Mode, created by OPPO in partnership with Hasselblad to bring its classical portrait style to Find X7 Ultra.

With master photographers in mind, Find X7 Ultra’s Portrait Mode captures at four focal lengths: 23mm, 44mm, 65mm, and 135mm. Each is calibrated to a different Hasselblad lens, producing cinematic bokeh with foreground and background depth, able to recognise a single strand of hair for ultimate accuracy.

No.1 Rated Android Smartphone for Video

The only Android smartphone to achieve a DXOMARK Video score of 156 in addition to the highest score in noise handling of any smartphone, Find X7 Ultra’s powerful video capture, highlights its status as an imaging champion and a powerful tool for creators and filmmakers.

Thanks to its advanced camera sensors, Find X7 Ultra can also capture 10-bit Dolby Vision HDR video at 4K resolution with seamless transitions across all four cameras for a pro-grade video camera experience.

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Find X7 Ultra – The Ultimate Camera Phone

DXOMARK’s findings confirm that Find X7 Ultra is the Ultimate Camera Phone. With four 50MP cameras with large sensors, one debuting Sony’s second-generation 1-inch sensor for mobile, and two of which are periscope zoom cameras, it bridges the zoom gap between optical focal lengths like never before on a smartphone. 

This world-class imaging system creates a best-in-class photography and video experience, so you can confidently capture your next masterpiece knowing you’re shooting on a competition-beating camera. 

Disclaimer: Based on DXOMARK report released on March 13, 2024.

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