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The New Architects of Tech: Three Female Leaders Creating a More Inclusive Industry

The New Architects of Tech: Three Female Leaders Creating a More Inclusive Industry

Manila, Philippines — In an era of rapid technological advancement, women are challenging the status quo, redefining innovation, and promoting inclusivity in the industry. Their contributions, from research and development to leadership, demonstrate that women are essential drivers of technological progress and diversity.

According to a Boston Consulting Group study, only 35% of the tech workforce in the Philippines comprises women, despite having the highest number of women technology graduates in the Southeast Asia region (48%). The disparity of opportunity and gender-based discrimination in the workforce is still prevalent despite years of advancing the rights and welfare of women in a male-dominated sector—or perhaps in society. 

Amidst the challenges, these three leading ladies are helping forge a path for future female innovators to make their mark in the technology landscape.

Progression Towards a Digital Philippines

Emmy Lou Versoza-Delfin, Director IV for ICT Industry Development Bureau at the Department of Information and Communications Technology, brings a fresh perspective on the role of government in accelerating the country's digital transformation. With 25 years of forwarding the local ICT industry, Delfin is at the forefront of initiatives to ensure that technology serves as a catalyst for empowerment and equal opportunity for all Filipinos, especially women in the tech sector. Some of these initiatives include promoting diversity in leadership, creating safe and inclusive workplaces, offering training and skill development programs, and opportunities for networking and community-building.

"As a woman leader supporting the tech industry, my motivation stems from the belief that diversity in leadership drives innovation and inclusivity in the digitalization process. The DICT and the local tech industry are actively taking steps to create a more inclusive environment for women. Overall, these efforts contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment where women can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of technology and innovation," Delfin emphasized.

“Remember, you have the power to shape the future of technology and make a positive impact in the world. Keep pushing forward with determination, resilience, and confidence,” she added.

Leading in Innovation: The Path Forward

This evolving narrative of female leadership in technology serves as a bridge to similar progressions in adjacent sectors, illustrating that the momentum of change can happen anywhere. We witness a parallel beacon of female leadership in Rosemarie Ong, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Wilcon Depot Inc. Under Ong's stewardship, Wilcon Depot Inc. has embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey, setting new standards in the retail and construction supply industry.

Recognizing the critical importance of keeping pace with technological trends, Ong has spearheaded initiatives such as the VR Store Experience and the development of MyWilconApp, which have revolutionized customers' interactions with Wilcon's vast product offerings. Ong's vision extends beyond enhancing customer experience; it's about creating a ripple effect of empowerment and inclusivity. "By investing in women, we foster an inclusive society—transforming the landscape of business competitiveness and productivity," she asserts.

An Inclusive and Thriving Workplace for Women

Historically dominated by male leadership, the tech sector is witnessing a remarkable shift towards gender inclusivity and diversity, thanks to visionaries like Atty. Aileen Regio, co-coordinator of Eastern Communications. With a steadfast belief in the power of innovation and the vital role of women in tech, Regio has been at the forefront of Eastern Communications' transformation. 

Her leadership during the challenging pandemic has not only steered the company towards embracing ICT solutions but has also showcased the indispensability of female leadership in driving technological advancement and organizational change. “Time has truly changed for the better. I want to encourage more women to take the lead and showcase their talents and capabilities,” she highlighted. 

At Eastern, Atty. Regio commits to be a transformative force not just in breaking barriers for women tech innovators, but also in spearheading innovation and adapting to the evolving digital era, “I firmly believed that embracing innovation was best for the company and would benefit our people.” Her seven years of visionary leadership have not only advanced Eastern Communications' position in the telecommunications industry but have also exemplified a broader movement towards inclusivity and progress.

Looking towards the future, Regio envisions a tech industry where women are not just well-represented but are steering the path toward innovation. "I dream that women in tech will thrive, driving innovation and leading change," she stated. With initiatives focused on diversity and gender equality, such as the full implementation of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act and Safe Spaces Act in the workplace and equal capacity-building opportunities, Eastern Communications is committed to making this vision a reality, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable tech landscape.

The technology industry is changing. Despite the challenges, there's a growing recognition of the need for gender equality and the invaluable contributions women bring to the tech scene. From leadership roles to groundbreaking innovations, women are proving indispensable in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in tech.

The message is clear: the future of technology is not just digital—it is unequivocally inclusive. As we navigate the complexities and competitive tech scene, women will thrive and leave their mark in the world. 

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