Thursday, August 7, 2014

Figaro now in Ayala Fairview Terraces

Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company opened its newest branch at the 4th floor cinema level of Ayala Fairview Terraces. This is good stuff because you can take your coffee or Frost in the movies or just chill while you wait for the screen time.This is also a nice venue where you can meet up with your friends or colleagues.

One of the better thing that I like about the shop is that unlike other coffee shops Figaro also offer a variety of food like pasta, pizza and pastries which compliments your favorite coffee of frost.

Honestly, until recently I never knew that Figaro was a Filipino Company, and now that I do, makes me even proud that we have something like this in malls. Really cool, classy and most specially good tasting coffee and great coffee experience

About Figaro Coffee Company

In 1993, a group of coffee lovers and enthusiasts got together and dreamt of a cafe where they could lounge and entertain friends and business associates - an Outlet that can fulfill their demanding taste for great coffee, delicious pastries and excellent service. This dream developed into a concept and soon the concept became a reality.

The concept grew into a complete coffee Outlet where Filipinos could get whatever they needed for coffee making; from the bean, to the equipment and paraphernalia, to the drinks --- THE PERFECT COFFEE.

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