Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kanto - Catch Breakfast Anytime!

That was my first time to encounter this restaurant that serves breakfast anytime of the day. Although 'Kanto'
has been operating for quite sometime and had branches to other places, I'm still glad to be invited to review this nice Filipino Resto in Kapitolyo Pasig.

I don't probably have to introduce what they have but what was served to us when we visited the place, apparently we were the first set of people to taste their latest set in the menu and here they are:

1. Iced Caramel Macchiato
2. Mocha Frappe
3. Caramel Frappe

4. Iced Latte
5. Scramble (pink)
6. Cafe Mocha (hot)

1. Grilled Butter Suman with Ube While Chocolate Goya Ganache
2. Toasted Ensaymada, Spanish Bread and Pan de Regla with Creme & Glaze
3. Arroz a la Cubana

4. Open-faced Chicken Longganisa Sandwich with Hollandaise Sauce
5. Blueberry and Strawberry Pancake
6. Choco Chip Pancake

7. Open-faced Chicken Longganisa Sandwich with Hollandaise Sauce
8. Ube While Chocolate Pancake
9. Goya Chocnut Ganache Pancake

10. Croque Monsieur (with tomato on top)
11. Croque Madame (with egg on top)

And there you go, all that was served to us.

You can also check the map below on how to get there.

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