Friday, August 15, 2014

Kapeng Barako Club (KBC): Samahan ng mga Bitter

Being Bitter never tasted this good! After almost a year, one of the country's top plays is back Kapeng Barako Club (KBC): Samahan ng mga Bitter. Staged in cafe's, KBC is set toplease kape lovers once more starting this September 6, 2014. The first show will happen at third Cup Cafe, one of hte premier, go-to coffee shops in Rosa Alvero Street, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

This Palanca Award-winning play is written and directed by Juan Ekis, who is previously known for his other Palanca winning play "Twenty Questions" which went viral in the internet. The playwright shares with us that he '...just wanted to stage a play with the title "Kapeng Barako Club : Samahan ng mga Bitter". I didn't know yet what it was going to be about. But I just knew I wanted to write about types of people and the types of coffee they love and how their personalities are reflected of their drinks."

KBC is hte longest-running show presented by Arts and Culture Asia(ACASIA), a non-profit organization aimed at cultivating ht crafts of thespians and showcasing their talents across different venues. "ACASIA's advocacy is to teach artists how to manage their talents wisely and open avenues for them to show it and them being a part of KBC is one of it. Nestled in a natural setting (coffee shops), coffee drinkers get to enjoy a play like this. Think of it as if you're eavesdropping. It's actually fun!" says ACASIA's Managing Director and one of KBC's lead actors, Ms Dianne Moreno.

KBC unfolds the story of a group of coffee-loving friends who don't believe in love but in reality, each one dying to experience being loved.


Joel, a freelance artist and struggles to confess his love to Anna
Anna, an accounts executive and best friend of Joel
Masi, a vocalist for a band and engaged to Ed(ex love interest of Anna)
Eric, a consulting firm manager who finds it hard to express his true feelings for Masi, Interestingly, masi has feelings for Eric too
Stef, a commercial model and just came back from her studies in Russia
Marlowe, coffee shop owner
Sunshine, the cheerful barista at Marlowe's Cafe

Kapeng Barako Club : Samahan ng mga Bitter is presented by Third Cup Cafe and CornWorld.

Seating Capacity - only 40 seats available (P500/ticket with 1 free drink)
Reservations - 09084328897, email: &
Facebook, Youtube and Instagram: SamahanNgMgaBitter
Twitter: @BitterCorp

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