Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ducati Weekend 2014

I'm glad I became a part of this Philippine Version of Ducati Weekend. Why? This event is not a regular yearly event thing. This is a special event for not only Ducatistas but all the other riders that share the same passion as what the Ducati Culture is Promoting.

Once again, I get to experience the Ducati Lifestyle that all Ducatista's share, from the riders together with their families and friends they ride hard, play hard and celebrate ever harder. And as I've mentioned in my previous posts that weekend was not only for the riders but for their love ones as well where they enjoyed Bull Ride, Henna Tatoo, Caricature, Photobooth, inflatable playground, and similar activities, they even have Back Massage and Foot Spa! Really a good treat for the whole family.

One of the highlights of it was the Arrival  of Carlos Checa the 2011 Superbike World Champion carried by a choper going to the race track interesting enough that soon as he landed he jump on his Ducati Superbike and went straight to the racetrack and that's what you call a grand entrance!

As expected, fans of the Superbike World Champion were all over him soon as he's done with the race track all to get a picture with him and to get his autograph(including me) as you know, this is a once in a lifetime chance.

Later that evening there was a Presscon for Carlos Checa and his team together with Philippine Ducati Lead by Toti Alberto,  Marc de Joya and Jay Carrion. Interview on Carlos and his experience as a rider and what he'd like to impart in Filipino Riders Ducati Philippines also imparted The Ducati Scrambler which they will be launching soon , The style is “post-heritage”: to take the best of the past and create something unique and absolutely contemporary. This is Ducati's answer to their clients that would like to have a lifestyle bike that has the Ducati quality. Scrambler Party was next in line and everybody get a good taste of the awesome, crazy and fun filled Saturday night to celebrate the preview of The Ducati Scrambler.

Tiring but a really fulfilling weekend!...the Ducati way!

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