Monday, November 4, 2019

Taking KKB to the Next Level

It is no secret that Filipinos love to eat, even more so when it’s at a new restaurant with closest friends or family. But when the meal is almost over and everyone is preparing to leave, the waiter arrives with the bill and it suddenly ends up in a friendly debate on who pays what and how much.

Luckily, Filipinos are also used to splitting the check, and in typical Pinoy fashion, have even coined a term for this phenomenon. "KKB" or "kanya-kanyang bayad" (each pays his or her own) is an expression that dates to 1980s. It is a local version of the expression “Dutch treat” which means that each member in a group of diners pays for the cost of his or her own meal.

This phenomenon is deeply integrated into the everyday life of Filipinos that going out for a meal, KKB style of course, is carried out with unspoken steps such as designating a “treasurer” who takes note of the bill and computes each member’s share. However, there are instances when this person ends up footing the bill in the meantime if the group is in a hurry—and sadly, sometimes debts tend to be forgotten especially after the group parts ways.

Leading mobile wallet GCash changes the game and makes KKB not only easy and convenient, but also ensures that no one in a group is left holding the bag after a good meal or a fun night out. With its latest feature called GCash KKB, the power of digital mobile technology does all the work in keeping track of orders and reminding each person of their payment through their respective GCash accounts.

In instances when the meal is to be shared equally among diners, GCash KKB can easily split the bill and charge the group members accordingly. For awkward moments when a friend may be short on budget, there’s no need to dampen the festive mood of the occasion as GCash KKB allows users to cover for another person’s expenses. And for those who may want to order more dishes, GCash KKB can add these expenses to a person’s running bill discreetly without worrying about burdening others with added costs.

GCash KKB comes in handy not only when eating out but also when shopping, watching movies, traveling or even managing utilities and other expenses with housemates. The app even has a separate option for splitting the bill among family members. The app’s versatile categories give users a wide range of options to choose from, assuring that no matter the occasion or activity, splitting the bill is a smooth and easy proposition.

These nifty features on the GCash application are just some of the ways how innovation is thoughtfully and meaningfully integrated into the daily lifestyle of Filipinos. Not only does GCash KKB make managing finances more convenient and immediate through the use of mobile wallet technology, but it also helps keep meet-ups fun and enjoyable—placing the focus on creating memories with family and friends, rather than bickering over the bill. GCash is truly enabling a fully digital lifestyle for more and more Filipinos.

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