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Filipino Childhood Stories Unfolded on Twitter


MANILA, 27 July 2022 When people share moments in their lives, their childhood stories are usually the ones that they easily remember. It is a matter of reliving the memories that a person had. These stories also help connect people in conversations with others with the same experience. Notably, Filipinos as storytellers love to actively share their childhood experiences in different ways on Twitter. Some of them are meant to inspire, teach valuable lessons, or even for entertainment purposes only. Nevertheless, people are using Twitter to retell their interesting youth moments.

From favorite childhood games, Filipino food and fast food chains to daunting experiences; here are some of the Filipino childhood stories that remind you of those oldies but goodies.

  1. Games that shaped every Filipino child 🎲

Traditional Filipino games are perceived to be the best avenue for kids to foster teamwork and camaraderie, problem-solving skills, and even seen as a form of exercise. This is why this kind of narrative prompts others to participate in the discussion on Twitter. For example; P-pop fans created a Twitter Thread to highlight different Filipino childhood games in a girl group’s choreography for their song “Pit-A-Pat”. The thread includes snippets of their performance creatively incorporating dance steps attributed to every child’s favorite games - ‘Mataya-taya’, ‘Nanay-Tatay’, ‘Tagu-taguan’, ‘Ten-twenty’, ‘Sipa’, ‘Doktor Kwak-kwak’, ‘Bubuka ang Bulaklak’, ‘Bahay-bahayan’, ‘Bato-bato-pik’, and and ‘Luksong Tinik’.

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  1. Food that screams nostalgia πŸ”

Growing in a Filipino household, one can notice that locals are celebrating with food and even giving food as gifts - during birthdays, graduations, holidays, or local ‘fiestas’ or festivities. One bite reminds Filipinos of the emotions and moments they felt when they first had a taste of it. They love to flock to Twitter and engage with others who share the same love and experience with food. Some people use Twitter Thread and Twitter Polls to ask their followers to choose which ones are their favorite Filipino viand, ‘merienda’ or afternoon snacks, breakfast meal, and dessert. They also included food photos as references to those who will answer the polls.

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Fellow Pinoys also shared about their childhood moments eating at Tropical Hut Hamburger (@THHamburger). This news spread on Twitter right after Filipinos posted their experiences in the reopening of Tropical Hut. They included pictures of the restaurant’s interior and their nostalgic food orders. 

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Some also shared their cravings for #TropicalHut burgers as all their siblings had grown up eating at Tropical Hut Concepcion Markina and QPlaza. One Tweeted a picture of the restaurant’s paper bag packed full of the food orders bought in the said fast food chain.

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  1. Lessons from the elderly πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘¦

Entertaining childhood moments make the storytelling more relatable to other people. Filipino children being asked by older family members to extract some strands of white hair in exchange for a certain amount was relieved by a Tweet of a meme. Some even use their ‘hard-earned’ money to buy in a sari-sari store or even play in a computer shop. Maybe this is also a way for the elderly to teach their kids a lesson or two about saving up!

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  1. Childhood thrillers πŸ‘»

Crying white ladies in a school bathroom, haunted houses, ‘manananggal’ or ‘enkanto’, Filipino folktales,  and any spooky stories were also common among children. Some kids love to watch jumpscare movies, go on a so-called ghost hunting game with friends, and even recite the ‘bloody mary’ chant. 

One of the most popular was about his so-called “imaginary friend,” but eventually realized that it was actually a ghost that he was hanging out with. Many were hooked on the stories.

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  1. Filipino school kids πŸŽ’

Apart from their own homes, kids usually spend their time in school studying and playing with friends after class hours. This last childhood story Tweet was somewhat more inspiring and heart melting. She shared two screenshots of text messages coming from her grade school classmate showing how they reconciled and the growth both of them experienced.

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Share with us your childhood memories with Twitter Thread 🧡

With Twitter Thread, Filipinos are able to share their childhood experiences giving them the opportunity to relive moments back in the day when they were most fun, naive, and curious with more than one Tweet.

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