Friday, July 22, 2022

Level Up the Pasalubong High with Robinsons

Remember praying for this year to be good? How about that time you saved up for a planner, hoping to fill it with 2022 milestones and gimmicks? Is this year what you envisioned it to be? Maybe you think of it as another letdown, like the ones that came before? Whether it’s loaded with achievements or wishes of plot twists, you can’t deny that you have been through a lot. 

And just like that, we are halfway through the year already. You’ve endured painful heatwaves and volatile thunderstorms. You went through a tumultuous year with so many changes. Yet, here you are, enthusiastic and energetic as when 2022 started. You deserve a round of applause – nay, a pasalubong for braving through obstacles.

It is time for us to look forward now. What do we want from the rest of 2022? What do we want to achieve or attain? How do we want to live our lives?

Experience the best kind of pasalubong with our latest Midyear High promo to keep your spirits high this month of July. If you’re looking for a sign to keep going through this year and rewarding yourself for it, this is definitely it!

Do you dream of creating your dream kitchen? What about the latest laptop from Huawei to help you work efficiently? Why not start achieving it before December with the different items available in Robinsons Appliances? The best part is with a minimum purchase of Php 20,000.00 on our website, you’ll get a FREE Dunkin Donut Famous Bundle to share your midyear high with your family.

Below are some pasalubong ideas for yourself, including more information on Robinsons Appliances’ Midyear High Promo.

  1. Kolin A/C Unit



Tired of being init na init? You don't have to endure the heat anymore.

Keep your working area cool with this sleek airconditioning unit that looks and works great. It has a unique yet chic design to complement the space it occupies, as well as a 2.5 HP to cool even the hottest of rooms. Of course, you can keep this A/C on for hours, thanks to its full DC inverter feature. Apart from its powerful capacity, it has a soft touch control panel and Wi-Fi accessible, too.

With this quick cooling Kolin (MODEL: KAG-250WCINV) Window Type A/C, your space will surely get the upgrade it deserves. For less than Php 50,000, it's definitely worth investing in this airconditioning unit! Did we mention it’s on sale, too?

  1. Tecnogas Gas Range

Gas ranges have made everything easier. If anything, it changed the shape of cooking while providing a whole new level of convenience. You can bake, fry, grill, and so much more with just a knob and gas source. It’s a good choice to get this as a pasalubong for yourself, especially Tecnogas’s range.

Build your dream kitchen or gift yourself convenience with this gas range from Tecnogas (MODEL: TFG6040CRVSSC). It has 4 gas burners with a wok burner and cast iron pan support so it’s easier to grill your steak or saute your fried rice. It comes in a sleek black and silver design so it wouldn’t be an eyesore in your kitchen. And, it’s gas oven and grill comems with a rotisserie for succulent roasted chicken.

If you have a stove top or you’re looking for an oven, count this item to your options. With features that are second to none, it's hard to find a better product on the market. Get it 15% off today!

  1. Dyson Air Purifier

Times are changing. Pollution is worsening. Viruses are evolving. Imagine this: you’ve worked so hard only to have your health compromised. You don’t want that, right? Maybe it’s high time to buy an air purifier for your home.


Protect yourself and your family by investing in tools such as Dyson (MODEL: TP09 GOLD) air purifiers. This variant has an intelligent purification system with a HEPA+ carbon filter to capture 99.95% of ultrafine dust and bacteria. It is also the first to destroy formaldehyde, a toxin commonly found in household items. And yes, it can be controlled by application or voice activation for easier access.

An air purifier is a great investment to make if you care about your health. That way, you can breathe a little easier knowing your air is nice and clean, especially for the rest of 2022. Available at Robinsons Appliance at 10% off for only Php 36,450.

  1. Platinum Karaoke System


Is a big project stressing you out so much? Maybe it’s the unpredictable weather or traffic conditions. Say goodbye to your stress when you grab the Platinum microphone and sing the night away.

With over 20,000++ OPM and English songs, you can ensure that you’ll always find something to sing. It also comes with everyone’s favorite nostalgia – multiple background videos – to complement your karaoke performance. And, when you feel like singing from your couch after a long day, you can select your karaoke songs by turning your smartphone into a controller with the Platinum Link App. The Platinum Karaoke System also comes with digital wireless microphones so you can jam to your favorite Regine-Ogie duets with your loved ones.

There is no such thing as too much fun, especially if you deserve it. Grab the Platinum Karaoke System (MODEL: CELLO) for only Php 24,000, and get a box of Dunkin Donut premium bundle in return!

  1. Huawei Matebook

Have you ever thought about upgrading your gadget, specifically your laptop? We bet it would feel good to buy something for yourself to help improve your work efficiency. Besides, why settle for something less when you know you deserve the best?


The Huawei Matebook (MODEL: D15 R7) delivers specs that guarantee an all-around smoother performance that can keep up with your daily tasks. Built with Huawei Share and Multi-Screen Collaboration, this laptop allows you to answer calls and messages directly from the device and share files seamlessly. You can also use its One-Touch Fingerprint button for added security.

The Huawei Matebook brings together not only good hardware and specifications but also a rather attractive design that is pretty appealing. Yours for only Php 39,999. Dacerb!

  1. TCL 55-Inch QLED TV



Sometimes, all you want after a long hard day is to plop on your couch and binge a bunch of Netflix shows or Youtube videos. That dream isn’t far fetched with this Android AI TV from TCL.

The TCL (MODEL: 55C825) 55-Inch QLED TV boasts a design that is about as good as it gets for QLED displays. Appearance-wise, it’s pretty dapper with its frameless and slim design. It is IMAX compatible and comes with a spatial audio technology from Dolby Atmos. It comes with a Google Play Store, too, so you can easily download applications in your TCL TV. And like all Android TV, this 55-Inch QLED TV is Wi-Fi compatible, too. 

It delivers nearly everything it promises and creates a stunning picture in both high quality HDR content like Netflix shows and movies, as well as from 4K Blu-ray discs. Get it while it’s 44% off!

With Robinsons Appliances’ Midyear High Promo, you can get a FREE Dunkin Donut Famous Bundle with a minimum purchase of Php 20,000.00 on Robinsons Appliances’ website.

So go ahead and treat yourself. Get yourself a pasalubong you’ll love! The promo runs until July 31 on the Robinson Appliances’ website only. With just a click of a button on our website, you can have this pasalubong delivered to your doorstep. Please note that the shipping fee is not included in the total purchase amount to get the FREE Dunkin Donut Famous Bundle.

Once your order is complete, you will also get the e-voucher. Remember, this promo cannot be combined with any other existing promotions nor is it convertible to cash or discount. It cannot be exchanged for any other item/s, too.

Shop online to give yourself a much-needed pasalubong for surviving this year! Add-to-cart now!

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