Wednesday, July 20, 2022

L’IGUANA EST ARRIVÉ! Directly from the Iguana factory in Normandy, our new French-built amphibious Commuter Yacht has just reached our shores.


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – 20th July 2022.  A hidden gem surrounded by the crystalline Sulu Sea, mesmerizing marine life, and radiant coral reefs, Banwa Private Island enthralls travelers seeking exclusive and unique adventures in a private sanctuary. 

With the arrival of world-class Iguana Commuter, Banwa Private Island has expanded the island escape experience. The Commuter model, being the most exclusive in the range of yachts from Iguana, is the first of its kind in Asia. Adding new dimension to immersive local activities, the sustainable, amphibious boat opens up access to new idyllic spots of North-eastern Palawan’s coastline to discover while enjoying the sheer thrill of the ride, seamlessly transferring between land and water.  

Head to nearby sandbanks or unspoiled islands, access the mangrove forest of the Barbacan River and venture to the untouched reef of Araceli Island, a known site for swimming with manta rays. Make that luxurious and memorable journey to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park on this limousine tender.

Banwa Private Island chose the Iguana Commuter boat for its diversity and go-anywhere capabilities, and low ecological impact. The environmental footprint of the adventure watercraft is lower than a typical boat, with minimal requisites in logistics, materials and infrastructure.  Iguana Commuters are highly respectful to the coast, the sea and the beach by being versatile and stealthy, limiting water, air, noise and visual pollution. With its durable hi-tech build, the amphibious Iguana offers a safe, exhilarating ride experience for guests of Banwa Private Island.   

Accelerate your Island getaway and experience the Iguana Commuter for exceptional local discoveries.  For more information and enquiries, please contact the Reservations team through mobile/WhatsApp: +639178882864, send an email to, or visit

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About Banwa Private Island

Banwa Private Island is an intimate all-villa destination for discerning guests wanting to experience privacy, serenity and intuitive services in a marine protected and nature reserve.

Nestled in one the world’s last frontiers of natural biodiversity, north-eastern Palawan in The Philippines, the island sanctuary boasts of breath-taking views, verdant landscape, pristine beach and turquoise waters. 

Choose to stay in any of the contemporary-designed villas delicately laid out or decide on an exclusive charter island for that quintessential island escape. 

The Aquos Foundation was established to support, nurture and protect the island’s delicate ecosystem and its rich array of flora and fauna it provides habitat for.

For more information, please visit

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