Sunday, March 23, 2014

OWL COFFEE "Owl made me do it!"

Owl - Singapore’s leading coffee and tea brand, proudly announced in a glitzy media event that they're here to tantalize the taste buds of Filipinos looking for a great coffee buzz.  The affair, ably hosted by top jock Tony Toni of Magic 89.9's popular Boy's Night Out radio show, was a success.

What else can you expect from a Coffee event, of course a coffee talk. A coffee talk conducted by Robert Francisco, a renowned Coffeology Expert and Coffee Connoisseur. Coffee Bean the primary ingredient to make coffee granules, has lots of varieties such as Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa, Liberica among others which has their own unique flavor and aroma. 

He also presented an elaborate process on how instant coffee is made from the picking of the ripe cherries to a hot cup of coffee.

Even though not a lot of Filipinos have heard about the brand, Owl Coffee has been around for a long time already. Kerwin Wong, CEO of Transaxion Unlimited, the exclusive importer and distributor of Owl in the Philippines, reveals “Owl has been brewing fine coffee since 1956. Its longevity and market success is a testament to its vast expertise and attention to detail in making the perfect coffee brew. Owing to its unique location along the straits of Malacca between Java and Penang, Owl is in the heart of one of the best coffee growing regions in the world. With Owl, you’re going to enjoy a great cup of coffee each and every time.”

Knowing that this brand is imported already tells us that it would be a little more expensive than our usual 3-in-1 coffee. So why Owl? Kerwin Wong shares that their competitive advantage over other more popular and local 3-in-1 brands in the market is the variety of flavors that they offer and the strong intent to bring an exquisite 3-in-1 coffee experience. I admit I was guilty when he said that, when it comes to coffee, most Filipinos choose the buy the cheapest they can get their hands on. Coffee is coffee, is what most coffee drinkers say. But when you really want to enjoy a good cup of 3-in-1 coffee as a daily affair, Owl wants to be your brand of choice. It doesn’t hurt that the name is easy to recall, with owls being nocturnal beings and all, and most people drink coffee to feel energized, even at night or during ungodly hours.

Owl Coffee comes in several coffee variants such as Everyday Favorites 3-in-1 Strong, and 3-in-1 Regular Low Fat for diet conscious individuals. They also have the Kopitiam Roast selection deriving its distinct taste from Singapore’s coffee shop culture that includes Kopi Siew Dai with Less Sugar, and Kopi-C which features evaporated milk as its creamer giving a creamy smooth taste. Next in line is the Nanyang White Coffee line. Known for its strong, robust flavor without the bitter aftertaste, Owl’s White Coffee is sweetened with coconut sugar for a unique aromatic blend. They also offer two tea variants to cater tea drinkers: Teh Tarik (Milk Tea) and Ginger Tea with Honey.

Good News! They have an ongoing caravan called “Owl Made Me Do It.” The caravan will be going around the cities of Pasig and Quezon City up until May 2014 to bring together coffee lovers and celebrate their love for coffee. The campaign aims to show that with renewed energy and vitality through drinking Owl.

Owl is available in the Philippines at your leading groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores, and hypermarkets nationwide.

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