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Who wouldn't love a nice, steaming-hot gyudon on a large bowl after a hard day's work or school?

"Gyudon," literally known as beef bowl, is a centuries-old Japanese meal that has become a staple in many Japanese dining tables and restaurants.

But now, the "gyudon" is not anymore a "for Japanese only" food fare. It has already transcended geographic borders to become a favorite comfort food as well in other countries around the world.

And the Philippines is no exception.

Next to sushi, sashimi or maki, this much-loved Japanese meal is fast catching up to become a staple dish among Filipino food lovers anytime of the day. Some brave souls even came up with tweaked versions of "gyudon" that sort of gave it a more Pinoy touch.

And who wouldn't enjoy this delectable meal? The sumptuous dish is easy to prepare for people, even for those who are always on the go. Even kids will surely love this popular dish prepared with thin and juicy slices of USDA choice beef simmered with fresh onions in a special sauce of herbs and spices over a bed of plumped steamed white rice.

This is the kind of gyudon that is being served in Yoshinoya, Japan's famous beef bowl restaurant that is now here in the Philippines. Many Japanese eateries in the country have tried to match the taste and preparation of hte popular comfort food but unfortunately, they flopped when compared to the Yoshinoya version.

First introduced in Tokyo, Japan in 1899, Yoshinoya's signature beef bowl has rapidly become popular among quick service restaurants in 1,300 locations here and abroad.

Yoshinoya, to this day, tops them all as hte restaurant that offers the best gyudon dish in this part of the globe. Its authentic yet affordable products, aside of course from the best-selling beef bowl, have gained a loyal following in serving more that 500,000 bowls a day to customers.

Aside from beef bowl, other best-selling bowl dishes in Yoshinoya include Chicken Bowl, Combo Bowl, among others and other flavorful Japanese dishes that suit the palate of casual Japanese food diners.

And since I'm talking about gyudon. Here's something that will make it even more interesting!

Yoshinoya will have their 4th Gyudon Eating Contest(eat all you want...or eat all you can, good luck!)

Got a taste of what it feels like being a contestant, I'm not sure yet of the exact feeling though :-))

Some of the Blogger instant contestants of Gyudon Eating Contest:

Shots c/o

Below are the mechanics for the contest:

Qualifying Match Mechanics
1. Open to all above 18 years old 
2. Schedule of Contest Weeks: (Weekdays from April 21-May 30,2014)
  • April 21-23
  • April 28-May 2
  • May 5-9
  • May 12-16
  • May 19-23
  • May 26-30 
3. To join, simply purchase a Gyudon meal worth P99.  (Take-out, deliveries and bulk orders are NOT included)  You can join multiple times.
4. Finish in 5 minutes to win the challenge of the day. 
5. Present 1 valid ID (School ID, Company ID, Driver's License, SSS ID, GSIS ID, NBI Clearance, Postal ID, Voters ID or Passport) to the store manager
6. Only napkins, condiments and water will be allowed on the table 
7. Empty the bowl before starting the next.  All left over grains in all bowls will be weight along with the unfinished bowl.
8. The top 4 weekly fastest Gyudon bowl eaters will be placed on the store's leader board.  It will be updated every time a new record is set.  The top of the leader boards will considered as participants for the Grand Match Mechanics. 

Grand Match Mechanics
1. The 42 Finalists will compete by eating the most number of bowls in 15 minutes on June 14, 2014.
2. Each finalist will be allotted 10 bowls.
3. Vomitting contestants will be disqualified.

For more info on Yoshinoya and its delectable gyudon, visit and Like

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