Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unbelievable! Ilo-Ilo is just near Cubao - Juan Stop Inasal

Can you believe it?! this is really something worth a visit. well at least for someone like me that is a fan of Inasal. No need to go to Bacolod for this one. Whether you work or your school is just near the place, this is worth your time.

Add-On of La Paz Batchoy for P35

My Inasal(excluding the unli-rice I got after that rice :-D )

Let me show you how affordable food are from the menu:

Made possible because its from supplier - goes directly to the restaurant.

Owners Stephen Po and Lourdes Po talked about the business' humble beginnings. It all started as an 'ihaw-ihaw' stand (like those 'ihawan' we see in our very own neighborhood). They had no plans of expanding it into a restaurant; if not to the growing suggestions and comments from customers. They wanted a place to dine in, not just take out 'good food'.

The couple, together with business partners Emil Po and Charlene Po, transformed their garage into what is now called JUAN STOP INASAL.

Another good news! Yes, Juan Stop Inasal have delivery service.

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