Monday, March 3, 2014


Innamorata is a Filipino drama series to be broadcast by GMA Network starring Max Collins, Luis Alandy, Gwen Zamora and Jackie Rice. One of the Newest Serye that GMA Network to give us something to look forward in the afternoons. A truly great story with many angles, excitement, and so much more.

Gwen Zamora, Luis Alandy and Max Collins Happily Answering the questions in BlogCon.

Stars of the series gave us some hints on the story-line but of course not everything for they do not know it as well this early. What I can say is that this is very promising and honestly speaking, it better fits the prime time slot for it will be for general audience. Children Friendly if I can call it that way because it teaches good lessons on character.

Don't Take my word for it. You can go see their fanpage in facebook that will give you an idea of viewer's perspective.

Inammorata is aired every 3:25pm only on GMA 7.

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