Friday, May 31, 2019

Converge ICT Rolls Out Partnership with Secure64, Ensures More Secured Internet Connection

Converge ICT Solutions, the country’s leading local fiber internet provider, rolls out best-in-class domain name system (DNS) solution for its subscribers through a partnership with Secure64, a leading provider of genuinely secure DNS servers that are purpose-built to be highly-protected and immune to malware.

Imagine going to a site only to be redirected to a malicious page. This happens through DNS cache poisoning where a compromised DNS causes denial of service (DoS) which redirects users to malicious sites. The DNS acts as a directory of the internet which matches web addresses with an IP address.

“All of us are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Every day, DNS server attacks pose threats to companies and customers – from theft of customer data to loss of access,” says Converge ICT CEO and President Dennis Anthony Uy. “We, at Converge ICT, want to protect our Network and, hence, our users from these cybercrimes with the roll-out of our DNS infrastructure powered by Secure64.”
Malicious traffic also has a significant effect on a business’ internet security.
By partnering with Secure64, Converge ICT shields its network from security threats. It also ensures network scalability, prevents infections, and identifies infected devices.

“DNS attacks get bigger every year and anyone can be exposed to it. Our partners, like Converge ICT, turn to us because online safety is their topmost priority especially for the Pinoy netizens,” says Thad Dupper, CEO of Secure64. “With our mechanism and technology, customers are assured of secured DNS guaranteed to block illegal attempts that will compromise your network.”

“Converge ICT is committed to giving Filipinos better and more secured internet services. From faster and more efficient connection to more trusted internet security, we pride ourselves with the topnotch technology by partnering with the world’s best,” adds Uy.

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About Converge ICT Solutions

Converge ICT Solutions is the leading fiber internet and digital consumer-centric services provider in the country. It is the first to run a pure end-to-end fiber internet network, providing Filipinos simple, fast, and reliable internet connection. Converge ICT Solutions is ISO and CE2.0 Certified.

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