Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Vivo V15 Pro Super Wide Angle Camera Elevates Your Photo Taking Experience

Kuala Lumpur, 23 May 2019 – Vivo Malaysia is enhancing every mobile photographer’s experience with the 8MP AI Super Wide-Angle Camera on the Vivo V15 Pro. As a part of the AI Triple Camera setup in the phone, it allows users to capture stunning photos with brilliant precision and a wider perspective.

The wide angle does not sacrifice details or clarity even during night shots. Instead, each detail is carefully enhanced with vivid colors that give a dazzling context onto the photo. The AI Super Night Mode is able to take multiple photos at different exposures and then combines them to produce night scenes that are now able to be captured with a high level of detail and stability without the use of a tripod or DSLR.

The Super Wide-Angle Camera on the Vivo V15 Pro is part of the AI Triple Camera feature available on the device where it assists users to capture photos with stunning precision and a wider perspective. The AI-embedded solutions in the V15Pro help users to take their mobile photography experience to the next level.


The camera assists mobile photographers to capture more details from the same spot by utilizing the camera’s 120 degrees angle. Both pictures above are taken from the same spot with and without the Wide Angle Feature turned on. It allows more details of the building to be captured. 

Users are also able to utilize the Vivo V15Pro’s 5MP Depth Camera and the 48 Million Quad Pixel Sensor to produce photos with better clarity. This is enhanced by the “four-in-one-pixel” technology that combines four pixels into one large pixel in the main rear camera. This technology gives high-quality 12MP photos including those taken in the dark.


This allows for a fairytale-like landscape for a town with a leafy tree as the centerpiece from one angle and magically transform when using the Super Wide-Angle Camera. Even with space constraints in a European Town, one is able to see more of this majestic tree with the Super Wide Angle feature turned on. Details in the wide angle shot are also not compromised.


The Super Wide-Angle Camera can be used in multiple settings. While on vacation, one can use it to capture the scene and feel at the time without the use of a DSLR. See more of your vacation in one snap. 

The wide-angle can also be used for a different perspective. One can struggle to take a picture of a building due to space constraints but the Super Wide-Angle Camera gives it clarity and makes the building look normal. On top of that, the camera also captures the street details surrounding the building.
The Super Wide-Angle Camera on the Vivo V15 Pro helps users to capture better memories with more details nested within a picture. Look back at events, celebrations, holidays, and every important moment and remember each element. 
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