Monday, September 23, 2019

BCB Blockchain Powers Payment Infrastructure Of Metro Manila’s Biggest Spa

Pasay City, Philippines 16 Sep 2019 - Metro Manila’s biggest spa is now starting to accept crypto currency as mode of payment.

Building Cities Beyond Blockchain (BCB Blockchain), the world's first blockchain protocol for the development of smart city solutions, providesits mainnet blockchain technology to support Yatai Spa’s payment infrastructure.

Yatai Spa is a three-floor development of a modern facility with business & commercial center showcasing a relaxation, entertainment and wellness destination located in the transportation hub Newport City, Pasay City. It covers an area of more than 7,000 square meters and operating 24/7. The Yatai Spa possesses a set of variety functions such as entertainment leisure catering business negotiation cultural exchange, party venue, SPA health and private living space

“BCB will enable Yatai Spa to a faster, transparent and more secure payment. This will also allow them to have less infrastructure transaction fees which cost only around 0.06 Chinese Yuan or 0.45 pesos,” Vanessa Koh, BCB Blockchain Chief Technology Officer said.

In addition, using BCB allows the spa to save on outdated servers and the cost of operating multiple software payment solutions.

The cost savings in return, allows Yatai spa to offer 20% discount on all spa services by using BCB.

“As the largest spa in Manila with a huge customer base, this gives BCB an advantage to reach its goal of mass adoption. BCB hopes to have more merchants and businesses onboard as well, ”Koh added.

Aside from providing payment infrastructure, BCB enables creation of smart contracts and Dapps (Decentralised Applications), community voting, and many other auditable services. By providing high liquidity and low transaction costs, BCB holders enjoy transparency and improvement of settlement efficiency of payments and transactions in its supported smart cities and establishments.

Earlier in June, BCB Blockchain signed partnership with Philippine’s leading tech incubators QBO Innovation hub and DLSU Animo for joint projects on incubations, hackathons, and smart city solutions.

About Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain

Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain is the foundation required for building smart city solutions. With BCB’s safe, secure and scalable protocol, the APIs are ready for use for the development of a variety of distributed applications, such as eWallets and BCB card payment system in over 100 countries, that has the ability to integrate cryptocurrency and bank transactions into one card, smart contracts, messaging peer-to peer applications and allow ICO issuers to release tokens on BCB protocol.

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About Yatai Spa

YATAI SPA is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Adjacent to Resorts World Manila, it’s a comprehensive three-dimensional integrated high-end service platform with Butler management. It’s full of the elite union members, and a Vanity Fair of Metropolis which incubates fame and wealth. That’s the top private health club of Manila.

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