Sunday, October 11, 2015

Do You Know Runner’s Trots?

I got invited on an event that added up knowledge in my vault. Something that might be helpful and worth sharing as well.

What causes Runner’s Trots?

- Not entirely clear, however there are contributing
- Physical Jostling of Intestine
- Diversion of Blood Flow
- Increased transit time of Gastro-intestinal tract due to hormonal changes
- Stress
- Nutrition factors
- Pre-race Anxiety

How can we prevent Runner’s Trots?

How can we prevent Runner’s Trots?

Some suggested management strategies include:

- Encourage bowel movement prior to race
- Manage your stress / anxiety by meditating
before the race
- Setup pre-run rituals (eg. eating >2hrs pre race)
- Monitor your nutrition during race week
- Understand your bowel habits
- Progress through to high distances gradually
- Clothes comfortable size
- Work on Pelvic Floor muscles - Kegels

- Limit milk and milk products
- Limit artificial sugars such as sorbitol
- Limit high fibre foods such as grains, beans, fruit skin, vegetable salads
- Avoid caffeine or energy drinks, gels
- Avoid spicy foods and alcohol
- Keep hydrated

- Check out to see if you have one of the following:
- Lactose intolerant
- Gluten intolerance Other GIT conditions
-- Take 1 Diatabs capsule 1hour before the race

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