Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Maharlika and Agimat by Liquido Maestro Kalel Demetrio

This April, food lovers and experts come together at the biggest food event of the season – Madrid Fusion 2017. To be held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, food people near and far shall share their knowledge and passion about food.  Perfect food pairing is the key to a remarkable and unforgettable dining experience thus the perfect drink must come with that sumptuous dish.
Liquid Chef Kalel Demetrio is a mixologist that is not strapped in simply doing cocktails.  For him, the perfect drink may come in the form of a juice, tea, cocktail or even a smoothie.  His concept of farm-to-glass is simply a demonstration of his love for the best local produce and serving it into a drink that people will love and enjoy.  His support to the local farming business is his way of making sure that the industry will simply get the best of the best without artificial flavors enhancing it.

Madrid Fusion 2017 now serves as a venue for him to launch two of his creations thus making him pioneer in this product market niche, Agimat and Maharlika – a syrup of derived from Mother Nature’s best produce and an infused flavored kombucha.
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Known as mushroom tea, Kombucha is not really coming from a mushroom but from a result of fermentation wherein SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) is formed.  This SCOBY then eats the sugar of this fermented sweet black tea thus making it lower in PH.

He took it a step further by infusing delightful flavors without losing the health benefits this concoction is known for.  With flavors added, his kombucha concoction is more palate acceptable and delightful – thus Agimat is born.  A health drink that delivers more than what is expected.  

Agimat is beyond your usual charms and amulets, it is a drink that helps protect your liver, lowers your sugar and cholesterol level and eases nerve issues.  No deity’s blessing but simply Mother Nature giving her children what she has and the gentle hands of a working Man extracting and transforming it to what will benefit all.  It may not bring immortality but it will help strengthen your life.

Making a rich and delightful drink is no easy feat that is why Liquido Maestro Kalel Demetrio came up with this product for the discerning public.

Maharlika is the newest line of flavored syrup that is rich in flavor and goodness similar to its namesake.  Each bottle of syrup underwent a carefully defined process ensuring the full extraction of flavor in each drop making it rich and true to taste.  Maharlika is more than a syrup concoction, it is a drink additive suited for royalty.

From the best of the local produce available, Maharlika defies all syrup concoction in the market by ensuring the clarity of flavor and supporting the local farming and food industry.  We make it a point that the source becomes sustainable and sufficient in the long run thus pushing for growth in all aspect of the business.  We are not only business minded individuals but people with an advocacy.  Like the nobles of Olden Times, we look after our people and land.

Maharlika, is not just a brand of syrup.  It is a syrup concoction made by caring hands of working people.  From selection to packaging, each bottle under goes a specific determined process to ensure that we remain true to our name and purpose;  that is to deliver a product that will make you experience the best there is in the market.

We are Maharlika¸ we are the best and you deserve only what is fitted for royalty!
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With Barik already in some establishments where he has designed drinks suited for their clients and image, Agimat and Maharlika is soon to join the niche of market with discerning taste.

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