Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ideas for Promotional Products

Every marketing plan should look to include promotional products which is always tied up with your marketing strategy. Promotional products simply create a memorable experience with your product or service.
Free gifts that are thoughtful, creative, and useful make people happy and leave them with a good impression of the product and the brand advertised on it.

Bottle Opener.
A different way to discount and promote your retail products
Instead of discounting your product, consider adding a free gift item. The branded-gift item should be worth less to you than a proposed monetary discount, but should be perceived to be worth more to the customer.

Add personal value to your general marketing message
If you know your customer-base, and you understand what makes them tick, you can add a personal dimension to your general marketing message. For instance, if your promotional item is perceived as “cool’, not only will people be more likely to keep it and use it, they may even collect it (if there is more than one variety). Big brands such as Coca Cola and Mc Donalds are experts in creating ‘cool-collectibles’. Receiving an interesting, branded item can be a great way to create brand awareness, and add personal appeal for your market segment.

Coffee Mug.
Access to valuable advertising space
The majority of people are at work for 8 hours a day, and many sit in the one place, at their desk during that time period. If your current or prospective client is using your branded materials or promo gift in the office, you have secured the most valuable advertising space in the world – right on their office desk! A well-selected promotional product can become a permanent billboard of your brand and your message within a workplace. Another thing to add is to make it look interesting, so it catches attention and useable compared to the normal coffee mug shape.

Three-dimensional advertising.
In today’s digital world, so many giveaways come in the form of an impersonal discount code or an email link. However, despite the technology, humans are still very much the same, and people still love something that they can touch and feel. Receiving a free tangible object is exciting for most people, and usually far more interesting than any digital promotion. Creating an item that is tactile, personalized and meaningful enhances brand awareness. The resurgence of vinyl records in the digital music age is an example of the need for people to have and hold something physical. People like things that they feel are ‘for them’ or ‘about them’. The next time you are thinking of a promotional item, consider that a tangible product can have far more meaning to someone than anything in the digital world.

I'm sure there are a lot more that you can think of as promotional product. Like what I've mentioned above, promotional products goes hand in hand or part of your marketing strategy.

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