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An Eye Opener: Zoomanity's "A Dinner in the Dark" sheds light on Humanity

"True Charity is healthy, and results in Dignity and Empowerment for those being served" -author unknown

A Welcome Respite
As postscript of my previous post,  I wrote about the event as per the invite of a blogging fellow (this site's admin) whom I represented last Sunday.  For someone like me who much favored outdoor adventure in the countryside,  this day out is not-to-be missed.  And true enough, the escapade gave me a noteworthy break not just from the hustle and bustle of the metro life, but of my personal  woes, to say. (Thanks Boy!) 
A Dinner That Was!

Moreover, the journey back there came with a bonus as it foster advocacy and in part, benefit  “the  physically challenged”.  Am referring to the country’s visually impaired we shared this colourful planet with.

the hall to  pass before dark

 Follow the Leaders

For the Sightless and the UnSeen
As of this writing, Cataract Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (CFPI) estimated that barely 4 hundred thousand Filipinos are  in fact, blind, - 2 millions elsewhere are recorded visually challenged, and countless unknown are still waiting to be reached by a pro-charity program like this event in Subic. ZoomanityGroup PH has made possible in cooperation with Resources for the Blind, Pampanga Chapter.

Eyes Closed!

                                    We were blindfolded, but escorted to a total dark room

Shining pieces of advice from men of the hour

The Origin
I found myself googling the saga of this "Dinner in the Dark" and was astonished to learned, the concept has been longtime offered by  a number of small & big resto'  in Asia and in the West.  A blind man named Jorge Spielman of Zurich Switzerland said to first thought about the gastro-venture  which promotes the dark theme. 

 A promo-teaser by an Malaysian resto' captured online

 A Sensory Experience


A Dining in the dark hall experience for less than an hour or so, accordingly, empowered  man's other senses usage,   not alone the belly for gastronomic pleasure.

Lights OFF!

Alas! Sans the pre-advised to do the chewing task in a pitch-black setting (with no hint of shadow or led reflection from a gadget) a table next to us has  seemed to semi-spoil the thrill. It was a senior citizen and a grade schooler kid could not seem to undo the test, thus, they begged their top table be lighted so they could uhm, eat well!, their peers some even chatted noisily beating the soothing music background that supposed to rule over the setting.

 Zoocobia's Operations Manager for F & B orienting the participant's on the do's & don'ts prior to dining proper.

After the Dinner, prior to partakers leaving their respective tables, a short interview was made: "How was your experience? the  polite host, asked:  "character forming" I replied in gusto'.   It sermons people with complete senses complaining on life's petty issues; where in fact, there are those born unaware of the food's color or shape right in their very front.  People nodded, then applauses, (which I don't deserve, but the men in tinted shades in  our tables does).

"COMPASSION is commendable, but more them them being pitied, they should be admired for trying to live life to the fullest despite their daily challenges they have had".  (I added)

Then silence. Inded, we have had a bright lesson reminded by the dark - worth contemplating in this lifetime. We left the venue with gratitude in our hearts.

Pose with Pride: Yours truly (#theBluePoet) with the resto's OIC, a fellow blogger jejie ( and yes, the start of the night. Our newfound friends in shades.

Book Now: A Dinner in the Dark Experience" usually complements with a Nature Park Trip in the day time and exotic animals show at night time, plus lots of fire & led light dancers performing . Feel free to message me for more info or Visit the FB page of Zoocobia Fun Zoo.  in Subic, Angeles, Pampanga (just 2 hours away from Manila), to learn more about seasonal promos. Phone No. 0922 717 2402. 

Zoocobia Fun Zoo is family attraction that more than meets the eye 

Acknowledgment: Our eventful day was also made by the warm assistance of  Zoomanity GroupPH Team headed by Ms. Camille, and through PR Partnership of TAG Media. The whole Team rocks! Thanks much!

- (Written for Boy Raket Blogsite by the Josh, the Blue Poet)


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  1. Dining in the dark is special and different really. I have gone through the post, and i am very happy to land on this. Now, i am seriously planning to go there soon.