Saturday, November 19, 2022

Kimstore Empowers 'Kimmunity' with Newer, Wider Choices, Better Services


Online gadget store is taking a giant leap in 2023 with the launch of Thrive 2023+1 initiative to empower and put more energy into the most critical member of its Kimmunity - its customers.

Kimstore's Thrive 2023+1 offers the Kimmunity newer and wider choices, better services, and giving back more to its members.

"That's why we are partnering with more brands to give customers a wider range of choices," said Kim 'Ninang Kim' Lato, the founder, and CEO of Kimstore.

Newer and wider choices
From the very start, Kimstore's catalog was what the customers asked for—looking for a camera, a smartphone, or a laptop? Any gadget needs Ninang Kim can get it for you! As the company grew, so did its range of products.

Kimstore is about providing choices and giving its customers what they need. Kimstore's customers must be able to choose between the most expensive option and an unreliable knock-off. "We want to give our customers a right choice at the right price," Ninang Kim added.

Can't afford the top-of-the-line? There's no need to deprive yourself. In Ninang Kim's 2023+1, there will be an alternative at the best value. Your choice matters most, from your smartphone or handheld gaming console to decking out your home. With this, the store will strengthen its strategic partnerships with the different known brands in the country, such as Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Realme, among others, Lato added.

She continued, "It's not just more brands we're partnering with within 2023. We are also looking to collaborate with our customers' favorite content creators, big and small. Influencers and content creators are vital in learning more about our Kimmunity. We want to work with the best: from established voices to up-and-comers. We are rolling out an improved affiliate program to support tastemakers and trendsetters and make them a part of the bigger picture. With this, we would like you to look forward as we launch our newest Kimstore affiliate program to build better brand awareness."


Better service
Let us make gift-giving even easier for you.

For the first time, Kimstore will start selling its products. The decision came after Ninang Kim heard countless stories about how the store has become part of special personal moments by providing the perfect gifts, and the store wants to add to that with Kimstore Gift Cards.

According to Lato, they are partnering up with more financial institutions to give their customers their choice of payment plans and payment methods. We're continuing to strive for a seamless cart-to-checkout process. Kimstore will introduce more payment options like Buy Now Pay Later, exclusive Cash-on-Delivery offers, GCash, PayMaya, QR PH, Visa, Mastercard, and GrabPay, among others.

"In 2022, we started Kimxpress for better delivery to our customers. With Kimxpress, we can better service same-day deliveries and with better quality, lessening customer complaints about packaging quality and turnaround times," she said.

Kimstore's customers in Metro Manila have enjoyed this service for the past year, bringing more joy to their shopping experience. But Ninang Kim wants to distribute this joy nationwide, starting with Metro Visayas and Metro Mindanao through its Kimstore Partner Stores by partnering with top consumer electronics stores as our partner hubs in these areas. It's time to give Visayas and Mindanao the whole Kimstore experience, Ninang Kim said as she aims to bring Kimstore closer to home. With Kimstore partner hubs nationwide, the store will be able to cut delivery time by as much as days, especially to the provinces.

Lato explained they have been testing and streamlining the new Kimstore website, which is the beginning of creating a more cohesive shopping experience. The next phase is also one of their biggest leaps in 2023. Kimstore is coming to iOS and Android with the Kimstore App.

"You asked for it, and we heard you! Mobile users have been dominating our Kimmunity, and we made it our mission to make the Kimstore experience easier to access," Lato added.

With the Kimstore App, Kimstore will be able to provide its Kimmunity with the rewards programs they deserve. Many of its customers have been with us since day one, and many more have made Kimstore their go-to online shopping partner, especially for premium electronics. Kimstore is ready to give back what is due to them in return for years of support, Ninang Kim boasts.

Giving back more to the Kimmunity
As eCommerce grows in the country, so does Kimstore's part in nation-building. Thriving in 2023 will be a massive undertaking that will mean more job opportunities, competitive skills, and a bigger economic contribution.

Ninang Kim said it is working with the public sector to help create the best possible policy for growth and innovation and address pain points such as digital infrastructure, privacy, and data security. The fruit of this cooperation between the government and the eCommerce industry will also help shape programs that will empower MSMEs, enabling them to compete beyond borders and claim the country's stake globally.

In Thrive 2023+1, Kismstore is starting in its backyard. Ninang Kim has long been active in her advocacy of mentorship and inspiring entrepreneurs, especially women and the youth. This advocacy is a priority inside and outside the Kimstore Group of Companies.

Kimstore has established and refined its internal career ladders, personal development, and advancement programs. The next step is to continue improving them and getting more people involved, fan the fires of ambition within Kimstore.

Ninang Kim's drive to mentor and give back to the community continues outside the company. Through Go Negosyo, Digital Pilipinas, other organizations, and her venture to reach more entrepreneurs seeking help and inspiration. These are Kimstore's steps in CSR and advocacy. In the coming years, our goal is to grow and be enough to support other women-led advocacies significantly.

Y2Kim Sale
Of course, no Kimstore Anniversary will be complete without a blowout! The Kimmunity is getting the biggest treat this year: a brand-new iPhone 14! From November 16 to 30, 2022, anyone with a minimum single checkout of ₱999 at automatically earns an entry to the giveaway. Kimstore customers can earn additional entries by watching our Anniversary Kickoff Facebook streams.

That's not all. It is also treating the Kimmunity to ₱16 deals, from skincare bundles, health products, audio accessories, and even a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. It's up for grabs.

Loyal customers will enjoy a price drop for the Kimstore catalog: phones, VR gaming consoles, lifestyle products, and more. Ninang Kim said she wants to make the Kimstore Anniversary the perfect time for holiday shopping, even for businesses looking for holiday giveaways with large order bundles.

Still Hungry at 16
Kimstore is showing no signs of slowing down on its 16th Anniversary. Kimstore has grown despite the pandemic, and we are bringing that momentum to the new normal, reinvigorated and refreshed. It is the expressed desire of Ninang Kim to assert and reiterate the core of Kimstore - to continue giving value to our customers and her stakeholders.

"We are excited to break new ground and grow more than ever. Thrive 2023+1 will be a breakthrough year of exceeding targets and pushing the boundaries. So be our +1, take this journey with us, and let us thrive together," Ninang Kim added.

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