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Motolite’s promise to deliver pangmatagalan satisfaction doesn’t stop with its batteries. It continues to grow the coverage and availability of its services to customers through an increasing number of channels.

Most Motolite customers know to look for official Motolite outlets in their neighborhoods or along main roads, and longtime customers keep the Motolite Express Hatid Hotlines [ (02) 8370- 6686 for Metro Manila, (0918) 843 6686 For SMART users, and (0917) 891 6686 for GLOBE Users ] readily available in their smartphones, just in case they may need to inquire about their nearest Motolite outlet, to get recommended battery specs & sizes for their vehicles, or to request speedy battery servicing or delivery to their offices or homes.

Savvy online customers of Motolite have already bookmarked Motolite’s website (www.motolite.com) which is not only Motolite’s official online presence, but is also a regularly updated tool for customers to find the recommended batteries for their vehicles, stay updated on the complete line of Motolite batteries for automobiles, motorcycles, other vehicles, and other non-vehicle applications, and the latest news & Motolite promos. Smartphone-wielding customers know to check Motolite Express Hatid’s Facebook account (@motoliteexpresshatid) for news and motoring tips, and to send quick inquiries via FB messenger to Motolite’s online customer service team.

However, many are unware of the additional services available through the Motolite RES-Q App. In addition to being able to drop a pin on your location to request battery servicing, replacement, or purchase for a Motolite battery, you also have the option to request roadside assistance for tire problems, fuel problems, and even engine overheating.

Motolite RES-Q riders are specially trained to delivery roadside assistance to Motolite Customers, capable of providing

Battery servicing, including jumpstarting a customer’s discharged battery, testing battery health, and recommending recharging (if battery is still healthy), replacement (if failing, but still under warranty), or new purchase (if warranty has expired). All official RES-Q riders have access to Motolite’s warranty database and regularly remind customers about warranty coverage for their batteries;

  • Swift and skilled battery removal and installation;
  • Emergency re-inflation of a flat tire, or assistance in changing to a spare tire;
  • Delivering emergency fuel in case a customer runs out of gas; and
  • Providing assistance in rare cases of engine overheating.

All these services are a screen touch away through the Motolite RES-Q app in Metro Manila, and a rapidly growing coverage area beyond NCR.

Lastly, Motolite RES-Q offers customers a way to secure the E-Warranty of their battery. By registering their battery and vehicle details on Motolite RES-Q, customers will have all the necessary information necessary for Motolite’s outlets & customer service channels to identify and process warranty claims on Motolite Batteries right at their fingertips. A useful backup to Warranty Cards and Official Receipts, which tend to disappear from the glove compartment during regular cleanings or service visits.

Cautious motorists would do well do download and register on their Motolite RES-Q apps already; you never know when you may need roadside assistance from Motolite’s RES-Q Riders. Motolite RES-Q is available for iOS and Android devices.

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