Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Jazz up your holidays with Hisense U60H 4K ULED Google TV

Hisense U60H 4K ULED Google TV

MANILA, Philippines/ December 2022 - Throw unforgettable holiday parties at home and bring in the ultimate entertainment with the Hisense U60H 4K ULED Google TV. Providing lifelike images with more than 1 billion shades of color and distinct details, family and friends will enjoy premium cinematic quality viewing experience with the Hisense U60H 4K ULED Google TV while bonding over favorite movies or TV series.

Gamers will likewise not miss out on the holiday fun. The Hisense U60H 4K ULED Google TV is suited as a monitor for those non-stop, high adrenaline holiday gaming sessions. 

Hisense ULED Google TVs provide detailed, exquisite and lifelike images through Hisense's state-of-the-art technologies. Hisense’s latest offering utilizes ULED technologies that fine-tune pictures such as Quantum Dot Colour, Hi-View Engine, Full Array Local Dimming and Peak Brightness. It is also “Certified. Just Right.” with Dolby Vision Atmos, Filmmaker Mode and HDR 10+.  

Hisense promises multiple enjoyments on its U60H 4K ULED Google TV with features such as AI PQ, Room-Fitting Sound, Ambient Light Adaptive, Smart OS(Google) and Voice Remote.

Authentic color. Brilliant contrast. Clear motion. Distinct detail.

“Step into a new world of colors with 1 billion+ shades through Quantum Dot Technology. Quantum ULED TV reals the colors that we discover in the real world and reproduce a larger color palette with beautiful gradation,” Hisense said in a statement.

“Hisense utilizes LED backlight control and color management technologies, as well as a set of algorithms.ULED Technology elevates the overall picture quality to a remarkable level with authentic color, brilliant contrast, clear motion, and distinct details,” the company said.

Intelligence behind the brilliance

Busy watching? Leave it all to Hi-View Engine, the secret intelligence of Hisense 4K ULED Google TVs. Hi-View Engine optimizes the pictures scene-by-scene to deliver the most premium effect. It does all the jobs of adjusting the contrast, color, and brightness of the picture to secure brilliant viewing all the time.

Darker darks, brighter brights

With 10 years of expertise in local dimming, Hisense 4K ULED Google TV delivers gorgeous pictures with incredible HDR effect. The TV manages individual areas of lights from edge to edge, presenting richer and more intense blacks and pinpointing astonishing highlights.

See details in highlights with Peak Brightness

Reveal the secrets of the story as the movie directors carefully planned. Find out exactly what happened to the story that you couldn’t see before. Observe the detailed and exquisite stone carvings under the light. Enjoy peak viewing experience with Peak Brightness.

Certified. Just Right.

Step into the story. See and hear what you’ve been missing. Dolby Vision Atmos builds a deeper connection to the stories and characters you love and takes your entertainment to new heights when you stream your favorite shows and the best movies.

Filmmaker Mode

Watch movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended. Filmmaker Mode enables a more cinematic experience on Hisense TVs by presenting a pure, clean expression and an original calibration from the director.

Vivid details brought to life

Hisense’s Total HDR Solution (HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision HDR) delivers original content with better detail in the shadows and brighter highlights. Catch up on the latest content from Netflix, Prime Video, or YouTube, or simply enjoy some time with your favorite immersive games and revel in the details. 

Multiple Enjoyments. Multiplied.

Lay back and relax, leave it to Hisense AI Picture to cocktail a vivid and engaging viewing.

Hisense TV identifies different scenarios to deliver the most tailored watching experience.

Ambient Light Adaptive

Enjoy perfect TV watching at any time of the day with Dolby Vision IQ & HDR10+ Adaptive. By adjusting the contrast and brightness automatically, the TV turns your space into a dramatic cinema that you can enjoy to its full extent at any time of the day.

The entertainment you love

Google TV brings together movies, shows and more from across your apps and subscriptions and organizes them just for you. Discover new things to watch with recommendations based on what you watch and what interests you.

With Hands-Free Voice Control, use your voice to control your TV with help from Google.

Search and access entertainment, get answers, control the TV and smart home devices, and streamline your day. Just say “Hey Google” to get started.

You can also press the Google Assistant button on the remote and use your voice to command the TV and get started.

The Hisense U60H 4K ULED Google TV is currently available in 65" and comes with a FREE soundbar with every purchase. It is available at all leading  appliance stores nationwide, as well as in Lazada and Shopee flagship stores. The promotion is valid through December 31, 2022.

What are you waiting for? Give the gift of ultimate holiday entertainment to your family with the Hisense U60H 4K ULED Google TV.

Hisense products are available in 54 countries around the world and throughout the Philippines.

For more updates, visit the Hisense website ( and follow its official social media accounts on Facebook (, Instagram ( and TikTok ( ).



Hisense values are as follows: Integrity, Innovation, Customer Focus, and Sustainability.



Founded in 1969 as a small radio factory in China, now operating for more than 50 years, Hisense has grown into a multibillion-dollar global conglomerate with a workforce of over 75,000 worldwide. Hisense is recognized as a world leading provider of flat panel TVs, household appliances, and mobile communications and is recognized as a top 10 player by large global institutions, such as Euromonitor, IDG, and the Consumer Electronics Association. Its 20+ subsidiaries are in the multimedia, household appliance, telecommunications, information technology, technology services, and real estate industries, while its products are sold in over 130 countries and regions throughout the world.


At Hisense, the emphasis is placed on innovation and quality. The company has a global R&D network of over 3000 engineers and has a national-level R&D Centre, a post-doctoral research workstation, and a state-of-the-art multimedia technology laboratory. It has been the recipient of several recognitions and awards in the name of innovation, technology, design, and quality management. In addition, Hisense has partnerships with IBM, Hitachi, Whirlpool, and AMD for the development and marketing of air-conditioners, refrigerators, and information technology.


Hisense Co. Ltd is currently experiencing a 10 percent year-over-year growth. While enhancing its global presence, Hisense will continue pursuing growth in the multimedia, household appliance, mobile communications, and information technology industries.

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