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As part of its commitment to its customers to provide a complete line of batteries for their needs, Motolite – the Philippines’ top battery brand – has released two top-of-the line batteries as part of its premium EXCEL line of batteries: the EXCEL EFB & the EXCEL AGM.

But which one is best for your vehicle? Both batteries have their strengths and weaknesses, so it comes down to what matches your vehicle’s needs best.

Motolite EXCEL EFBs, engineered to work with start-stop engines, enjoy longer battery life due to:

  • Lower battery temperatures due to low-type plates that provide headspace for acid;
  • Increased corrosion resistance from enveloped positive plates that prevent deep discharges, from thick-cast positive plate grids, and from reinforced upper frames;
  • Reduced chances of internal short circuits, due to full-bordered negative plate grids;
  • Improved current distribution and lowered electrical resistance from optimized wire design;
  • Increased resistance to vibration from product-specific container ribs; and 
  • Slowed self-discharged and reduced deep-discharge shorts through special additives for the battery paste and battery electrolyte.

Motolite EXCEL AGMs offer:

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) separators which absorb the electrolyte, critical in enabling oxygen-hydrogen recombination and making the battery spill-proof;

Extremely low gassing and moisture loss due to the oxygen recombination process inherent to VRLA (Valve regulated lead acid) batteries; 

Long service life due to the valve-regulated exhaust, which keeps the optimal operating pressure temperature;

Longer service life due to the pure lead (99.99%) grids and connectors which aid in oxygen retention; and

Improved power delivery through optimized punch grid technology. 

EXCEL EFB and EXCEL AGM both have similar electrical and service life performance, with their key differentiations as follows:


These stem from the differences in technologies. In EFBs, oxygen, hydrogen, and water vapor are released during the regular battery charge & discharge cycle. In time, this lowers the electrolyte level, eventually requiring the topping off of demi-water. In AGMs, the use of the absorbent mat allows it to store all electrolytes in the system and counter the electrolyte loss, and to suppressing water and hydrogen gas escape from the battery, reducing moisture loss.

While this means that AGMs tend to retain moisture and electrolytes better, it also means they lack the cooling effect of the electrolytes that EFBs enjoy – reducing effectiveness in tropical climates. Furthermore, in AGMs every 10degC increase in temperature doubles the rate of reactivity, resulting in increased gassing, hastened corrosion, and ultimately a shorter battery life.

Ultimately, it’s recommended that customers use EXCEL AGM for cars that also have AGM batteries for original equipment, and to use EXCEL EFB for cars that use EFB batteries as original equipment. This is to avoid the detrimental impact that unplanned excess heat might have on an AGM battery installed in a space meant for an EFB.

Both Motolite EXCEL EFB & AGM are backed by Motolite’s nationwide warranty coverage. Motolite EXCEL EFB offers an 18 Month / 27 Month Warranty (for start-stop vehicles / conventional vehicles respectively), while Motolite EXCEL AGM offers a 21 Month / 24 Month Warranty (for start-stop vehicles / conventional vehicles respectively).

For prompt free delivery and expert advice on the appropriate sizes for your car batteries, contact these Motolite Express Hatid Hotlines: (02) 8370- 6686 for Metro Manila, (0918) 843 6686 For SMART users, and (0917) 891 6686 for GLOBE Users. You may also visit Motolite’s new website at www.motolite.com to check Motolite’s complete line of batteries.

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