Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton wins “Pandesal Survey” at 77-year-old Kamuning Bakery Cafe, QC, Philippines

Former New York senator and former U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton has already won on November 7, 2016 as the first woman president in USA history with 37.138% or 475 votes out of the total 1,279 votes cast in the unique “Pandesal Survey” of the 77-year-old, artisanal, pugon-style Kamuning Bakery Cafe of Quezon City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. Pandesal Survey used different pandesal sandwiches for each of the U.S. presidential candidates.

            Coming in second in the Pandesal Survey was “Pan de Nada” or none of the above at 36.4347% or 466 votes, while coming in No. 3 was realty tycoon & reality TV star Donald Trump at 26.426% or 338 votes.

            The “pandesal” is the versatile and popular national bread of the Philippines, and Kamuning Bakery Cafe celebrates “World Pandesal Day” every October 16---also globally marked as “World Bread Day”---since 2015. The Philippines is America’s only former colony in Asia and has copied much of its presidential system of elections since the 1930s Commonwealth election won by President Manuel L. Quezon while still under U.S. colonial rule.

            From August 2016 up to November 7, 2016 to measure the popularity of the 2 USA presidential candidates and to encourage discussions of USA politics, the unique “Presidential Pandesal Survey” was conducted by Quezon City’s pioneer artisanal Kamuning Bakery Cafe which is also venue of the newsmakers’ “Pandesal Forum” with media and intellectuals.

            Included in its all-day breakfast menu, customers can vote for their favorite USA presidentiable by buying thepugon-baked pandesal sandwich and drink assigned to each bet at No. 43 Judge Jimenez St. corner K-1st Street, Kamuning, Quezon City.  The first edition ofKamuning Bakery Cafe’s Presidential “Pandesal Survey” was held from late 2015 to May 2016, which was won by former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte.

The following Pandesal sandwiches were offered in the latest “Pandesal Survey” and won by Hillary Clinton:

***“Pan de Clinton”--- Pugon-baked corned beef Pandesal sandwich served with FREE Kape Americano for Hillary Clinton, although Kamuning Bakery Cafe owner Wilson Lee Flores researched that Hillary likes salami sandwiches.

***“Pan de Trump”---Pugon-baked meat loaf Pandesal sandwich, served with FREE Hot Choco for Donald Trump, because KBC owner Wilson Lee Flores researched that Donald Trump likes meat loaf sandwiches.

*** “Pan de Nada”---Pugon-baked ham & egg pandesal with Brewed Coffee (using the cartoon of Mickey Mouse as image) for those who prefer “none of the above”. This third choice was added byKamuning Bakery Cafe owner and writer Wilson Lee Flores, because he believes “voters in elections should be given the right to reject all candidates offered by major political parties, if they are not morally and intellectually qualified to be leaders”.

According to Kamuning Bakery Cafe, vote buying is not only allowed but encouraged here in its Pandesal Survey!!!   Below are the caricatures used inKamuning Bakery Cafe’s US Presidential “Pandesal Survey” won by Hillary Clinton.

 History of the Philippines’ Kamuning Bakery Cafe with intellectuals, artists & reform stalwarts: Kamuning Bakery was founded in 1939 as Quezon City’s first bakery upon the invitation of pre-war newspaper tycoon Don Alejandro Roces who arranged for sale of government land at 15 centavos per square meter to founders Atty. Leticia “Letty” Bonifacio Javier and her husband Lt. Marcelo Javier (he died fighting the Japanese invaders of World War II in the Battle of Manila). It was acquired and revived in December 2013 by writer, history buff, foodie and realty entrepreneur Wilson Lee Flores. He restored the old cafe on March 20, 2015. KBC today continues its artisanal and “pugon” or wood-fired brick oven baking.

Among its many colorful clients include Don Alejandro Roces, his son the newspaper publisher & activist Joaquin “Chino” Roces, press freedom stalwart U.P. Dean Armando Malay, the late President Cory C. Aquino, national artists like Nick Joaquin and Levi Celerio, many showbiz celebrities, to a public school student who used to walk here to buy pugon-baked breads and is now the first female Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Information on KBC’s “Pandesal Forum”: The non-partisan, liberal, pro-people and informal Pandesal Forum of Kamuning Bakery Cafe was started on September 15, 2015 by writer Wilson Lee Flores as convenor and moderator. It welcomes all speakers, not just limited to political leaders. It is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of the “tertulia”---the informal and learned salon discussions of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America; it is also inspired by ancient China’s “li lun” or intellectual discourses. Apart from 80 candidates for the 2016 Philippine national elections as well as historic visits by both the U.S. and China ambassadors, other guests at Kamuning Bakery Cafe’s Pandesal Forum included political and showbiz celebrities, business leaders, writers, intellectuals, activists, artists, musicians, athletes, etc.

The “Pandesal Forum” hopes to help elevate the quality of public discourse in the Philippines on current affairs, politics and other topics, also focusing on economic, gut or “pandesal” issues. KBC’s Pandesal Forum also advocates genuine reforms and new ideas, not just our present obsession with personalities.

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