Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shops to try at Adventure Food Park!

We had a great time more than a week ago trying out new food sets from the barely new set of dine shops in Adventure Food Park which is just a few walk away from Gilmore and right in front of St. Paul University.

That was a Halloween party and it was great to learn about this gastronomic place. Shops that we tried out were The Family Matters, Snack in Wonderland, Hubby's Coffee & Toast, and Crunch 101

We were able to taste some of their specialties from the drinks to the explosive steaks and the memorable piece of 'Goodbye Philippines' named after a powerful local firework.

The place I can say is very accessible and easy to remember whether to drive your way there or by commuting, all you need to remember is Gilmore Station and right in front of St. Paul, but the places I've mentioned were just a few of the set of resto's in the place because those stores where in the 2nd level and there are also some restaurants when you enter the food park.

Let me share some pictures with you.

The Venue



And for the Menu:

The Family Matters:
T-bone/ Hungarian Sausage/ Pork belly
Platter: Goodbye Philippines (Pork belly,Lechon Kawali,Chicharon Bulaklak) Drinks/Lemonade:
Pink Lychee, Blue Lemonade, Cucumber

Hubby's Coffee & Toast:
Dessert Toast: Gooey S'mores and Old fashioned
Ice Storm: Kitkat Match and Biscoff buscuit

Crunch 101:
Crunchy Fingers
Cheesy Fries
Green Apple

Snack in Wonderland:
Wonderland's Famous Potato Balls
Alice's Special - Bacon Wrapped Fries
Drink Me Potion - Citrus

We were able to taste the Sizzling Hungarian Sausage meal - spicy and delicious, the Wonderland's Famous Potato Balls - not only good as appetizer but also a good meal, the lemonade drinks of Crunch 101 which are all fairly taste good and refreshing,  then the deserts of Hubby's Coffee & Toast specifically the Old fashioned dessert which is a classic and a must try. The overall experience was fun and definitely our tummies were filled. And to wrap it all up, all the staff from each establishment showed the best customer service that they can offer and took care of our needs.


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