Thursday, November 10, 2016

South Forbes Properties in the South are all so Awesome!

It has been a great privelege to be a part of the bloggers that was able to visit the projects/properties of South Forbes down south in Laguna, the properties were very ideal specially for the families that would like to have a rest house along the way going to Tagaytay because it is literally just a few minutes away from there.

It is truly a world-class township of boutique communities with international architectural themes. Located in in south of Metro Manila, South Forbes enjoys proximity to techno parks, top schools, and commercial centers.

Starting off with Stanford Suite 2, a low-rise boutique condominium with studio and 1 BR units. This have a smart design with load-bearing walls that helps out on maximizing the space in relation to the residence's needs great design and amenities with accessibility to basic nessecities. This property is just in front of St. Scholastica's College Westgrove caters to affordable market with monthly household incomes of at least PhP 40,000. The project is suited for the young executives and early nesters with active modern lifestyles.

Next property that we visited was Stanford Suites which was the first version of the place we visited. Also a low-rise boutique condominium development which fits as a “condo-hotel” or “condotel” unit. As expected they have almost the same set of ammand features as well as smart design which allows the occupant to customize space usage.

Third in line was Tokyo Mansions which is one of my favorites, with Asian landscaping combined with serene atmosphere. Being a minimalist this is something that I would like to invest on, from the specious interiors and being at peace and relaxed theme is really a big like for me. I found out that the model unit has been a place for shooting some of the scenes in a local movie and teleserye which means that it is just that gorgeous to see on screen as well as seeing it in person.

The above shows up the amenities and facilities of Tokyo Mansions as well the houses in it and for the interiors, you can check on Meiji Model Unit

Fourth stop will be Bali Mansions with architecture and asian-inspired themes and tropical landscape of Bali specially if you've been there, this will surely look familiar to you. Bali inspired clubhouse with pool and designs that fit the theme.

On our Fifth property we had Phuket Mansions, Thai architecture were displayed in the residences starting from the main clubhouse which is the first thing you'll see when you enter the main gate. Tall anahaw trees, flanked by colorful bougainvilleas matching with soothing water flowing in the pool gives you that relaxed environment that you'll need after a hard work week.

On our next point we visited the Villas with European design and architecture. It is a delight to see both Alicante and Castellon House Models which are equally classy and with distinct beauty. Carrying the South Forbes signature of having high ceilings which creates space and more room to breathe and the look of a spacious house.

Seventh stop was the Chateaux De Paris, another European inspired property with beautiful landscaped parks that like Paris also have this romantic feel. We weren't able to visit the houses because we were all in a rush since the rain is about to fall at that time but we were lucky enough to take good pictures of the awesome clubhouse which is the main attraction of the place.

Lastly we get to visit Golf Terraces, we didn't have enought time to visit the units but we were able to somehow manage to check on the golf course where the Golf Terraces building was situated. I'm pretty sure that living inside a golf course is as fun and relaxing as the other properties, imagine all those greens that you will get to see everytime you wake up.

Overall the experience was all terrific, the whole day is not enough to see all those beauties but it is surely worth the time, dreaming on getting one. Hopefully one day I get to invest on one of the properties and for sure that will be another story that I can share.


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